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waaaak waaaaak

23, female.

Interests as they spill out of my head...

Drawing manga, Giraffes, live music, dancing, Strongbow, dressing up, singing, karaoke, Indie/Emo/Rock/Pop/Electro. Beautiful, beautiful shoes.

Hipsters, Hamsters and other pressing issues.
Web comic
Photography, Psychology. Reading.
Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry. Whiskers on kittens. That Skoda ad with a car made of sweets. Being deliberately obtuse. Being facetious. Being pedantic. Claus the fish. Insanely hot showers. Bees: for they are the original suicide bombers. VW Camper Vans. Pick up trucks. Richard Hammond. Peep Show. David Mitchell.
Family Guy. American Dad. Roger the Alien. Shaved legs in freshly laundered sheets. Candles. My iPod. Amy Winehouse. Movies starring Kevin Spacey, Jim Carrey. Michael Stipe. Mermaids. Chocolate raisins. Polka dot heels. Writing poetry. Pretending to be deep and profound when I'm really just a bit pretentious. Laughing. Being blonde. Being a girl. Doing my own and other people's makeup. Having wet hair. Sleeping. Dresses. Fluffy dressing gowns. Praying Mantises. Being in a lovely garden with friends. Being a bit tipsy. Phallic company logos. The Internet and all its dirty, dirty influences.
Dogs in wigs and bee outfits. Piercings and tattoos. Beth Ditto. Beth Orton. Ally McBeal. Nail Varnish. Staying up late. Bags. Heffers. Heifers. Twirls. Lilt. Shouting NOooooooooOOO!
Camden. Brighton. Reigate Priory Park. Somerset. Clever adverts. Mozzarella.
Washing my hair in the garden with the garden hose. Japan. Bill Hicks. Kokeshi. Geisha. Chuck Palahniuk. Amy Hempel. Yann Martel. Jung Chang. Liza Dalby. William Shakespeare. Okobo, Obi, Kimono, Tabi. Driving. Riding a moped on a sunny day.
Hablando Espanol.
Ban This Filth! The Junction. The Kambar. The Portland Arms. My best friend.
Teaching English to foreign students.

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