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That is, 80 and an air ticket to Austria ...

Published by Old Rocker at 11:54am on Wed 21st January 2004. Viewed 4,711 times.

Deleted Post

Published by at 12:05pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

I wouldn't put it past them elK, having lived there. They are also offering to reverse the circumcision process for a tenner ...

Published by Old Rocker at 12:07pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

Fucked up....

Published by Real Deal at 12:14pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

In The family Von-trapp, wasn't the younger one gay, Peter the goat boy was as well.
Infact, based on that Austria is scrteaming.

Published by Tarrapin at 1:30pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

I think they would be doing the world a favour if they could convert the kiddie fiddlers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published by StrangeBloke at 1:56pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

They are all at it today ... a Belgian cardinal has stated that 95% of gays are not actually gay ... they are just perverts!

Published by Old Rocker at 2:05pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

Of course they are that's why gays have better sex than straights.

Published by Tarrapin at 3:27pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

How would you know?

Published by Real Deal at 3:35pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

"that's why gays have better sex than straights"

Don't include me in your generalisations matey ....

Published by Old Rocker at 3:44pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

Cardinal Gustaaf Joos sounds like a right ignorant c**t.

Do people really still believe that sort of bullshit in this day and age?

Published by Real Deal at 3:47pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

"do gay's get turned on by their own willy's" taken from the new tv sitcom called shamless

Published by StrangeBloke at 4:16pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

Ha ha ha!

Published by Real Deal at 4:22pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

have you seen the program R.D.?
saw this and thought of you?

Published by StrangeBloke at 4:31pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

Having batted for both sides for the whole of my life, I can honestly say GAY SEX IS BETTER.....
However I think that LOVE MAKING is better with a boy girl situation.

Published by Tarrapin at 5:00pm on Wed 21st January 2004.

Mmmm, Neve console... A bit too pricey for me SB, for an 8-channel console. It's not far off what I paid for my 24-channel Soundcraft!

Tarrapin, are you sure that isn't simply down to your preferences?

Published by Real Deal at 9:04am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Deleted Post

Published by at 9:51am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Yeah. You are just gay. Bloody Bisexuals, make a decision and stick to it!

Seriously though (just in case anyone thought I was being serious just then). It makes sense that gay sex is better, doesn't it? You know how it all works and what feels good rather than having to be directed and have a diagram drawn for you! Plus I would have thought that more often it is kind of recreational and all about pleasure rather than "love". If you see what I mean.

Oh dear. I haven't explained that very well and now I am going to get slated by everyone Gays and Straights (just the way Tarrapin likes it!) It's not that straight sex is not enjoyable, but its... oh never mind. You know what I mean.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 9:57am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

No ...

Published by Old Rocker at 10:22am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Oh, piss off. You're normally amongst the more forgiving of my poorly-expressed ill-thought out gibberish.

I would imagine that there's less performance anxiety as well. Does it matter how long you can bang away for? I would have thought the quicker the better but I think I am just thinking too straight.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 10:27am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Nice site, ElK. Some great prices too!

I've worked with these in the past: Soundtracs IL 48/32 desk and Otari MX80 24 trk 2" reel to reel. I notice they have both in stock for a combined total of less than six grand! Not bad at all.

Published by Real Deal at 10:31am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

I understood you, Noodles, but I just don't agree. Though, having never tried gay sex, I would naturally "bow down" to Tarrapin's superior knowledge!

Published by Old Rocker at 10:46am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Surely it just has to be a "in my experience" topic.

Published by Mr Pel at 10:47am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

I think Pel just said it best.

Published by Real Deal at 10:49am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

I'm just discussing it in a hypothetical way. I don't want to enter into a whole "my sex is better than your sex" / Maybe you're shit in bed"/ maybe you're not doing it right" argument.

I'm just thinking about the various merits. Trying to have a considered, non-homophobic debate and perhaps learn something rather than being dismissing it just because I happen to prefer ladies, OR.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 11:04am on Thu 22nd January 2004.

you can't say you don't like something till you've tried it....
i thought I hated Olives, but how wrong I was.....
i gobble them up now

Published by Tarrapin at 12:38pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

What about incest and Morris Dancing?

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 12:45pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

You mean like a cause and effect thing, incestual acts lead to Morris dancing???

Published by Graduate Student at 12:59pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

It's the other way round, GS ...

Published by Old Rocker at 1:01pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

It's a quote, GS, from famous Gayer Oscar Wilde (it's always either him or George Bernard Shaw):

"Two things one must never try even once incest and Morris Dancing"

Besides which, isn't it incestuous acts? Is there such a word as "Incestual".

Bloody hell. No wonder you were on here the other day complaining about the costs of your education. Have you still got the receipt? Perhaps you can take it back!

;-) as they say 'round here.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 1:07pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

i must admit, i have watch morris dancers and i think they are all as bent as a nine bob note.....
apart from the non-sexual computer programmer type ones, with beards and cycle clips.

Published by Tarrapin at 1:14pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Noodles, thank you for correcting me. English is my second language and am learning science, not languages. I wa sthinking of taking the Advanced English language courses but I don't even have time for for my French and Greek classes. Such is life...

Well actually, I have met a fair deal of South Africans in my previous lives, so I am not surprised you were quick to jump on my mistakes ;-)

Published by Graduate Student at 1:18pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Are you South African Noodles?

Published by Old Rocker at 1:28pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Apart from the better knowledge of the anatomical terrain, what makes gay sex better in your opinion? Is it some other physical advantage or is it emotional?
How very interesting...

Published by Graduate Student at 1:45pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

You what? Where the fuck did you get South African from? Have I been typing in my Afikaans accent (there you are, that's how South African I am not- I'm not even sure how to spell Afrikkaaaans).

Sorry GS, I was just taking the piss a bit. I saw an opportunity to be smug and superior and I took it. I think I might have bee on this board too much recently.

I think I knew you were a science student and that English was your second language but still. It's not clever or big and hard (tee hee!). Pathetic.

I am not nor have I ever been South African. No idea where you got that idea. (OR and I are not confused are we? That is what you were implying?).

Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw though, whenever there's a good quote it's always one of them. Unless it's Groucho or Shakespeare, who has the occasional one as well.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 2:22pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Or are you South African GS?

Published by Old Rocker at 2:27pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Not that I have a problem with South Africans. Not the nice ones, anyway.

Published by Old Rocker at 2:28pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Well GS, I am only talking about sex here not love.
Gay sex Boy on boy is much harder and hornier.
I mean how can a girl get a blow job right?
She hasn't got a willy.
There is the give or take option with boy on boy, not the obviousness of boy on girl.
Also gay blokes tend to be lots more pervy than most girls I've been with, and they are much more up for an all nighter than girls. (because you can take turns)
Also you can both take viagra, thatmakes it very fun. (for hours and hours)
Boys don't get 'fat' or 'headaches' and are never 'on'

At the moment I have a girlfriend, I've been with her four and a half years, we have a great sex life, i love her lots.

sex (i mean pure sex) doesn't need any love involved, infact it's normally better if you have only known each a short while.

Group sex is also better with only blokes, there is no scope for insecurity, or post mortem.

Published by Tarrapin at 2:37pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Deleted Post

Published by at 2:38pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

I think as OR sugested Tarrapin is the best authority on this subject and thus his is probably the most interesting opinion.

I think he expressed a lot of what I was trying to communicate. I had to be careful though, I didn't want to come accross as the straight dad who likes to think of his very gay son and his very gay boyfriend as "mates" who also like to fuck each other. But that was what I was imagining is that you can take turns, likely to be dirtier, You are both working more on one person's pleasure at any one time and then swapping. It could be a thing that you do for fun, like playing pool or summat. Plus girls get upset when you wipe your knob on the curtains and announce that you want to now go into town and do some shopping whereas both men could pull their trousers on and go and buy some casualwear.

So the questions remains: Why am I South African?

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 2:46pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

"Fly fishing may be a very pleasant amusement; but angling or float fishing I can only compare to a stick and a string, with a worm at one end and a fool at the other"

Published by Mr Pel at 2:55pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.


i loved that, it cracked me up.....

that's what I mean by the 'post mortem'
the zip up and do next thing.

Mind you 'post mortem' can also refer to that Bi curious boy that has pestered the older gay bloke for sex for ages, then after the act goes all,
"you don't think I'm gay do you?" and 'hates' the bloke that did it to him, despite the fact he acted like a piece of cheap rent through out the encounter.
This normally culminates in the bi-curious boy going way back into the closet, either that or 'falling in love' with the older bloke.
The older bloke has 'been there' and can't see the point in going back....

The trials of it all.........

Published by Tarrapin at 3:02pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

Noodles... I forgive your smug attitude about your mother tongue, because I did come across a similar attitude from speakers of other languages, when i tried to communicate with them in their mother tongue...
So nothing is new across the world, same old insecurities everywhere but hey I didn't think it made you look superior any way...
you don't need to worry Noodles, I think you are sincere, and I enjoy reading your neurotic, explosive messages.
OK I simply thought you were from SA (I am not) for some reason, must have confused with another person.

Published by Graduate Student at 8:46pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

The discussion raised more questions than it answered.

(Men vs women partners)
Wouldnt any sexual intimacy involve some form of intense communication to make it right? Isnt it through mutual sharing and acknowledging your partner's pleasure that makes it intimate? If it is gender related, could that mean a lack of communication, a mismatch of expectations?

(On being "dirty" or perverted enough)Isnt the shredding of inhibitions the most important factor? Women are probably more inhibited than men because of the immense social pressure placed on them from the earlier stages in life to conform to moral standards. Men are supposed to be sexual athletes (why else would one use viagra) while women have to be as naive and young looking as possible. Everything revolves around the sexual happiness of men so what do you expect?

(On gay sex being more fulfilling)
Apart from the obvious anatomical advantages to hit the spot with gay partners (which might be possible to communicate to women partners but then it would be viewed as females being jealous of gay males, Tom Of Finland style) could it be that homo eroticism has a lot to do with reassuring a man's place amongst other men, and his superiority overall?

(On social-pressure-free encounters)
Also could the "zip up and go" type encounters be more thrilling because simply it is a considered such an "outrageous" act by the morally bound society.. Like a "forbidden fruit", it tastes better? it allows the individual to relieve the pressure of the moral code to assert himself?

Noodles, wiping up on curtains maybe an act of marking your territory but is not acceptable socially and that is why your woman partner did not like it. Hell, would you like her menstrual blood marking your sofa???

It is a social thing like everything else.

Published by Graduate Student at 9:32pm on Thu 22nd January 2004.

GS. I don't think I would have taken the piss if it had occurred to me at the time that English was not your first language. But when you metioned it i think I did recall you saying it before. It's not my usual habit to get pedantic about people's use of English. It's always a total cheapshot when they are bashing out a quick message on a bulletin board. It's not like you sub-edit them before posting them. I am forever saying "there" when I mean "their" or "they're" on here. That stuff drives me mad in papers and magazines and stuff but I think it can be forgiven on a bulletin board. I'd still probably take the piss though, if it wasn't me doing it.

I haven't actually ever wiped my winky on the curtains. I was being stupid again. We've got venetian blinds all round my gaff, anyway. I tried wiping my knob on them once and gave myself a phone-books worth of paper cuts.

I think the point is that men don't always want intimacy in their sexual encounters. Other men are more likely to understand that abnd appreciate that kind of sex. Women don't quite qork the same way which is why you never hear about womebn just quickly cracking one out in the toilet. they're more likely to make a feature of it.

I don't know that everything revolves around the sexual happiness of men. Men are more likely to feel presure to "perform" and make the effort. Whatever the reasons for men being kinkier (social, biological or whatever) the fact remains that apparently they generally are. So it's still a valid point. I have heard rumours that the gays are more likely to let you have anal for a start! (father Shabooboo Good to have you back on board by the way. That sounded like your cue). i think you are probably right though and women are now suffering from a double standard where they have to be a whore in the bedroom and put a frock on and behave themselves the rest of the time.

I think "zipless fucks" appeal to men, generally. But are more likely if you're gay because then you are both men and thus more likely to both like the idea.

tarrapin is the one who knows and he seems to think that recreation-wise the gayness is more fun. I'm just thinking about why that might be.

Trouble for me is it doesn't matter how kinky men might be the thought of a man in a bra and heels just doesn't do it for me. He's got nothing to put in the bra for starters (the thought that he could have doesn't appeal much either).

Neurotic explosion over.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 2:28pm on Fri 23rd January 2004.

i think you'd have to be rather a shallow person to want to have any sexual encounter based on what others might be impressed or surprised by.
The forbidden fruit thing is only valid, if you have had a rather limeted sexual life.

I used to work on a sex chat line, the most common question was 'what is my dirtiest sexual fantasy?' I used to say that fantasy is nonesense , if you want it, then some one else out there is willing to give it, or visa versa.
i think that to live in an inactive fantasy world is cheating your self.
(obviously the fantasies have to be legalish)

How many people lie on their death beds having had very limeted sexual experiences.

Obviously it has to be your bag, each to their own etc.

The danger is trying to understand the sexual requirements of others, apart from the fact it's none of the other peoples business, I find the questions are normally asked by those that aren't getting it.

Afterall, their sex lives should be enough to interest them

Published by Tarrapin at 2:52pm on Fri 23rd January 2004.

Noodles, it depends on how you define intimacy. When I mean intimacy, it is not romaticism (to feel according to some set rosy rules) but to UNDERSTAND how to make a union happy in a sincere sense. That is, the fullfilment of human emotions in whatever form it might be. So brief encounters maybe more intimate because the partners understand the need for total "independence/anonimity" and can fulfill that.
Why don't women tend to do that? Well check out the contraceptive success statistics. Most women take it on themselvesto deal with the contraception issue which have nasty side effects such as cancer and death. The contraceptives are non-compliant with women's bodies. They are engineered to protect men's bodies or have an overkill effect (would YOU take a pill that plays havoc with your hormones and be labelled hot-tempered as a result) And if they involutarily get pregnant they get to suffer the dehumanisation of abortion (would YOU have your innards scraped by a scalpel?) I don't think men have that problem. But in most Nordic countries where they have better quality prevention methods and better access to health check ups, women can afford to be more confident and adventurous, flocking to warmer countries for sexual encounters, knowing that they have three years of maternity leave with half the salary paid into their pockets if they have a baby.
Noodles, the realities of female sexuality is never discussed or portrayed correctly. It is very political. Auto erotics can reflect independence and control or a reflex to relieve stress. Check out the stats in psychology articles , both sexes do it.
Overall, in the female case physical sex is just a small formality of a grand scheme of reproduction and conforming to social codes, complicated by contraceptives.
Tarrapin I fully agree that privacy should be respected but, there is an answer to every question, explanation of every behaviour once the facts are known, that is why there are psychologists. Everyone may have different needs, but it is not that complicated because humans are the same everywhere in the world.

Published by Graduate Student at 12:42am on Mon 26th January 2004.

I think that some how Women always associate sex with reproduction is rather scary.
GS "Overall, in the female case physical sex is just a small formality of a grand scheme of reproduction "
I don't think that is true.
I'm not a woman, So what do I know.

Published by Tarrapin at 9:51am on Mon 26th January 2004.

Deleted Post

Published by at 11:13am on Mon 26th January 2004.

The politics of a 'one-night-stand' is very complicated.

Even if you have had them, most people don't really have many, because they get into the person.

In most instances you don't just say 'fuck dance, lets fuck', you tend to need to at least chat first.

By doing so there is a form of relationship, already there before the shag commences.

In the gay world of cottages and saunas, it is entirely possible to have a real annonymous sexual encounter.....

Personally the whole Cottage thing repulses me.

But each to their own.

I think it is entirely possible to act like a slut, with in the confines of decency.

Infact I think you should definatly act like a monogomous slut in any relationship, it makes the whole sex thing far more fun.

Published by Tarrapin at 11:19am on Mon 26th January 2004.

Deleted Post

Published by Xavier Bollo (not active) at 11:23am on Mon 26th January 2004.

No I think it's always been a pretty rancid past time.
Joe Orton did it, in his diaries.
I don't think Quintin Crisp did in his.

In the old days, before 1967, It was far more reasonable, with no legal place to meet.

No cottages are the preserve of the married, 'I'm not really gay' posse.

Either that or those that have a fettish for those smelly things you get at the bottom of urinals.

Mind you some times there is some cool grafitti....

Can't recall any in Cambridge...

Mind you if I'm busting in town, there is a good use for Mcdonalds.. They wipe their walls regularly there.

i think the cruising in Cambrideg takes place in:

NEWNHAM (Near the River)

There is a national list of these places, with details for parking on:

Published by Tarrapin at 11:56am on Mon 26th January 2004.

What a thread

Published by bigmal at 9:04pm on Mon 12th March 2018.

But how do you read the thread if you can't click on the thread title?

Published by Silent Rob at 5:39am on Tue 13th March 2018.


worked for me...

Published by andy_landy at 1:25pm on Wed 14th March 2018.

If someone's posted in it recently, you can click on the [New] link.

For most people, the [New] link doesn't last from 2004 to 2018, but WAN makes an exception for bigmal, because the Scottish are well known for moaning about things that happened many years ago.

Published by Wrongfellow at 10:26pm on Tue 10th April 2018.

You bastard.... you still owe me that pint for standing on my foot in The Swan in 2012.....D'oh.

Published by bigmal at 3:07pm on Wed 11th April 2018.

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