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Internet Providers

any reccomendations on ISP's for 56k modem.
I am with BT phone line but who is good for internet.
Can't have cable modem as it involves geting permission from the other 8 tenenats were I live to dig up the car park.
Whats BT ADSL all about....
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Published by Mr Pel at 12:15pm on Wed 23rd July 2003. Viewed 3,231 times.

Mr Pel
I use freeseerve and find them adequate for my needs - there are plenty of other ISPs out there, no doubt everyone has their own faves. Like you I'm on a 56k BT dial up. I opted for the 15 per month for unlimited all day access 'cos I work from home. There's also a 10 monthly deal for off peak stuff - after 6pm and all weekend. My modem runs at 40k-44k - this varies dependant on how far from the exchange you are, how good your line is etc. The good side of Freeserve is reasonably good support - provided you are realistic, some of it may cost you a quid or two if you hit major problems (once in my 3years online). The downside is the crappy email address.

I looked at BT ADSL broadband, (a faster signalling protocol at the networks and exchanges) and decided against it - you need a 12 month contract at about 25 monthly, and a 50 setup (which includes a free special ADSL modem). You need to check if it is available near you - most of Cambridge is. The BT website has an online checker.

The speed is faster - about 100k upload (from you to the outside world) and about 250k download (from outside to you). You can still make phone calls while you are on the net.

On the whole I decided it wasn't worth it for me. Others may feel different.

Good luck.

Published by Yorkshire Lad at 3:19pm on Wed 23rd July 2003.

remember the days of 56k modems? lol

anyway, what ISP do you use now in 2016?

Published by foolscap (not active) at 12:26am on Sun 14th August 2016.

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