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Pedo Pool 2018

For previous years we've chosen people who we think might die in the coming year.

Shall we vary it a bit for 2018 and pick people we think will be outed as child molesters?

Published by Wrongfellow at 5:44pm on Tue 26th December 2017. Viewed 2,437 times.

A: Love this concept

B: Not impressed by your US-style spelling of "paedo"

C: Cliff Richard (gotta happen sooner or later)

Published by John Techno at 10:38pm on Tue 26th December 2017.

Ha, brilliant! Are we just sticking with child molesters though or can we include all-round nasties who use their power to abuse people?

Published by B-bam at 1:30am on Thu 28th December 2017.

I reckon that Jimmy Savile wasn't the saint everyone thinks.

Published by sam i at 10:10pm on Sat 30th December 2017.

I assume we're talking kids size pool?

Published by pan-pan at 9:23am on Thu 4th January 2018.

Tony Hart.

Edit: damn, wrong thread.

Published by Wrongfellow at 8:22pm on Sun 14th January 2018.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 8:22pm on Sun 14th January 2018.

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