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Gardener wanted?

We have a small low-maintenance garden in CB1 & need someone local to come a few times per year to weed & prune a bit. Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced gardener?

Published by Brendak at 10:29am on Mon 12th June 2017. Viewed 3,392 times.

Paging Dr. B-Bam!

Published by John Techno at 10:58am on Mon 12th June 2017.

My wife Rosie does work around Cambridge... she's head propagator in the greenhouse at St Johns College by day and florist/gardener by slightly-later-in-the-day. You will have seen her work if you've ever been in to the garden/courtyard at The Punter.

Her website is

Published by Free Will at 9:55am on Wed 21st June 2017.

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