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The Banana Leaf

is a new restaurant at the bottom of Milton Road doing Sri Lankan and South Indian food. We went there last night and although the service was a bit slow, the food was really good, and not very expensive.

Published by sam i at 11:56am on Sun 24th April 2016. Viewed 2,649 times.

Good to know. Where is it exactly? How does it compare to Cocum?

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 3:10pm on Wed 27th April 2016.

I went there with some bands the other day. It's in the row of shops including Tommy Tucker. I think the menu is maybe bigger but the dosa I had was a little oily compared to Cocum. Nice to have a Southern Indian place on the eastern side of town and near the Port though.

Published by bad-timing at 3:40pm on Wed 27th April 2016.

Of the things that we had, the Sri Lankan dishes were the nicest, and aren't really similar to anything I've had at Cocum. The basic vegetable curry wasn't amazing, but there was something involving crispy anchovies that was absolutely delicious, and we had some lentil pancakes that were lovely too.

Published by sam i at 4:25pm on Wed 27th April 2016.

I was looking on the wrong side. I imagined it to be just up from the port where that other Indian place was. Good to know anyhoo.

I went to that Asian tapas bar next to the Architect last weekend. I think I need to go back when i'm slightly more alert. It has potential though.

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 11:44pm on Wed 27th April 2016.

People interested in cooking either South Indian or Shri Lankan food may be interested in checking out the convenience store on Green End Road Water Lane.

They have a top selection of Chutneys, Pastes, and masalas from the region.,0.1462701,3a,75y,93.54h,76.0...

Published by Priority 23 at 8:38am on Thu 28th April 2016.

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