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Poor Raymundo seems to have been kept off this job - pity, he'd have made it far more interesting by adding a Middle Age military order or two!

Published by John Techno at 11:04am on Wed 23rd March 2016. Viewed 3,012 times.

That article was 'boring'

Published by Priority 23 at 12:03pm on Wed 23rd March 2016.

This one is moar interesting.... an end to Midsummer Fair?

Havoc for anyone around Mitchams Corner in the weeks before Strawberry Fair. Here's hoping.

Published by foolscap (not active) at 2:14pm on Wed 23rd March 2016.

While I tend to agree that the Midsummer Fair is a bit rubbish (centuries ago it was a major event and now it is just a crap funfair full of chavs), you have to remember that it is a major event in the travelling community's calendar so cancelling it will affect a lot of people's business and enjoyment.

I get the impression that they are thinking of hosting it just as stalls this year. That could be really nice if they have some interesting things to buy and good food. Not just bricabrac and chips.

Published by Silent Rob at 7:58am on Thu 24th March 2016.

on the Saturday of the Fair more than other days the traffic around Michams corner and most of Chesterton over Newmarket, Chesterton, Milton and Victoria Roads are gridlocked so how is this helping any business, and income for Cambridge as well as the dragfest and knuckle dragging groups walking around Jesus Green and Midsummer Common. it's just annual no go zone which maybe families who come in from other directions are not so aware of but living in the area going to the local shops on Chesterton Road is unpleasant

Cambridge already has a poor road network, why else do we try so hard to promote buses and bicycles. If this was just about available public entertainment in the city it isn't the same when they have Pop in the Park, when the Pink Festival was in Cherry Hinton (I don't know what negative effects there are if any of the Folk Festival there) even when Parkers Piece was churned up by the Winter wonderland. One of the main reasons for Strawberry Fair being cancelled and then rebooted was the anti social behaviour of some mainly travelling into Cambridge for this pissup in a park, and while Midsummer Fair isn't that, it is in other ways just as bad. Tradition is no reason to save it

Published by foolscap (not active) at 8:43pm on Thu 24th March 2016.

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