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Kinder Wagon

Those wagon things, fixed to the back of bikes, ridden by negligent parents who are too stupid to care for their gifted children,
These contraptions sing around all over the place, risking the lives of the children inside, other cyclists and drivers alike.
If you are cycling toward these death traps at night, you have no idea how wide they are, making the chance of collision likely. You can't overtake these riders with Kinder wagons, because of their selfish width, hogging the side of the road or cycle lane.
Drivers are intimidated by these random contraptions, fixed by a single pin to the parent's bike.
Ban the Kinder Wagon and punish these parent types.
Publish the names of these individuals in the press, expose them for the horrible people they are.

Published by Priority 23 at 12:32pm on Fri 4th March 2016. Viewed 3,354 times.


Shouldn't be allowed.

Published by Priority 23 at 1:28pm on Fri 4th March 2016.

"•give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car (see Rules 211 to 215)."

So just assume that they are the width of a car and give them that much room.

If any of them are wider than a car, you have carte blanche to clip them.

On a more general note, be less of a dick.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 3:24pm on Fri 4th March 2016.


the parent can be exhumed and replaced by a robot, that would care m,ore and for-fill basic obligations.

Published by Priority 23 at 4:00pm on Fri 4th March 2016.

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