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Henry Jobsworth Wrongfellow, poet, educator, linguist


January 20, 2006. Before church, wrote my WAN profile, which came into my mind as I stood with my back to the fire, and glanced on to the net with arrow's speed. Literally an improvisation.

UPDATE: I take great pride in the responses to my postings, and this one has to receive credit as perhaps the best reply anyone's ever given me on a public board:


I'm sorry, but what the fuck is that wrongfellow? I am really freaked out by that picture :(

wrong wrong wrong...

UPDATE 2: It has been pointed out to me that October 16, 1845 was actually a Thursday.

UPDATE 3: I consider myself honoured to be the only WAN member to have had a thread H4X0R3D by the 1337 1r4n14n "Ashiyane Digital Security Team". Clearly I represent a significant threat to their nation, or something.

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