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WANer of the year 2024

Any nominations yet?

Published by Silent Rob at 2:30pm on Tue 19th December 2023. Viewed 479 times.

WANer of the year 1928: James Randi
WANer of the year 1990: B-bam
WANer of the year 2008: Jude1
WANer of the year 2009: Silent Rob
WANer of the year 2010: Lord Lucan
WANer of the year 2011: Troll
WANer of the year 2012: John Techno
WANer of the year 2013: Arthur CRS
WANer of the year 2014: Bigmal
WANer of the year 2015: Wrongfellow
WANer of the year 2016: Joosypigeon
WANer of the year 2017: B-Bam
WANer of the year 2018: Missregaling
WANer of the year 2019: Ambrosini
WANer of the year 2020: daaagg
WANer of the year 2021: Em Kanner
WANer of the year 2022: LOL
WANer of the year 2023: Caribou_populations
WANer of the year 2999: bigmal

Published by Silent Rob at 2:31pm on Tue 19th December 2023.

how can you have a nominee when it's not even 2024 yet?

Published by bigmal at 3:13pm on Sun 31st December 2023.

It is 2024 now! You won WANer of the year 2999 and it certainly isn’t 2099 yet. I don’t make the rules, it’s just how things are. ;)

Published by Silent Rob at 9:19am on Mon 1st January 2024.

Perhaps one of the benefits of being current WANer of the year is that I'll get to open the new Top Tapes, once refurbished.

Published by Caribou_populations at 10:19pm on Mon 4th March 2024.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 10:23pm on Mon 4th March 2024.

I won it in 2009 and I could barely keep up with the rush: interviews, freebies, signing sessions, opening supermarkets. After a year of non stop drug fuelled parties and bribing politicians i went to bed for three months to recover. 15 years on I still like to just sit quietly with a cup of tea and paint gentle watercolour landscapes. Being WANer if the year was a life changing experience, it was wonderful.

Published by Silent Rob at 6:03am on Thu 7th March 2024.

Silent Rob, I suspect you won at this site's zenith, when money and lascivious Cambridge ways were applauded. I plan to enjoy my time, potentially fending of hackers rather than the parties and drugs as you so deftly appear to have managed your way through.

I came here by mistake trying to find info about the Sea Cadet Hall and there have only been 4 threads in the 9 years I've been a member: Name and shame; WANer of the year; Death Cull; Fantasy football.

I'd like to vote for you as WANer 2024, you can lead an art class down by the riverside, instead of a victory parade through Eddington, where we can all eat artisan bread, and drink oat milk coffee before everything is housed over.

Published by Caribou_populations at 8:39am on Thu 7th March 2024.

Ah yea, the heady days of 2008, you could come back after a couple of hours and the mornings posts had disappeared from the front page and replaced by 20 new ones.

Thanks for the vote, I will consider the art class, I live quite close to Riverside.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:44pm on Thu 7th March 2024.

I vote JetSetWilly as WANer of the year, they haven’t won it before and I was feeling uncomfortable being the only vote so far.

Silent Rob one vote
JetSetWilly one vote

Published by Silent Rob at 5:58am on Tue 2nd April 2024.

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