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LastGangInTown HACKED

Hello I hacked this account HIHIHI but I will not do anything with it it was just to test my skills! Hello everyone in this chat!! This is a very interesting website. I wish you all the best and dont worry I wont do anything with this account.
I will now log off.

Published by LastGangInTown at 10:51pm on Wed 18th October 2023. Viewed 493 times.

Some people think it's cute when a toddler shows you a turd in a potty, too. "MUMMY! Look what I did! I'm so PROUD!"

We already know it's riddled with holes - just as you can expect from >15 year old PHP code.

That's why the 1337est of H4X0R$ have moved on to richer pastures.

Published by Wrongfellow at 11:39pm on Wed 18th October 2023.
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