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Wantasy Football 2023/24

I know you've all been waiting for this (feel free to LOL).

League renewed for the new season and I see there's 3 of us already. Maybe the other entrants can vote for me as WANer of the Year, as I see if I've been given a second chance after last year's LOL-fest.

Published by DarrylW at 8:21pm on Tue 8th August 2023. Viewed 566 times.

God, that’s an irritating site. Log in! You must verify your email again! You must change your password! You must choose your favourite club (I hate them all is not an option).

Anyway, finally I have chosen my squad. I chose them all at random for less than £4million each so I can spend my leftover £50mill on something worthwhile. This year I am going to spend it on a huge street party on Parker’s Piece for the 15th anniversary of Name and Shame. Free booze! Lots of food! Private performances by top bands and DJs, Fireworks, it’s going to be like the biggest May Ball ever except students are not allowed in.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:34am on Wed 9th August 2023.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 6:31pm on Thu 10th August 2023.

In the spirit of the May Balls, you should make bigmal pay a deposit up front, in case he doesn't turn up. LOL!

Published by Wrongfellow at 12:39pm on Thu 10th August 2023.

Absolute scenes going into the final gameweek.

Silent Rob's playing it cool but I think has a plan to get the 2k+ points they need to snatch victory.

1 Wooden Batstewards 2111
2 Wagwan FC 2110
3 Friday Egg 1964
4 Footballsucks 121

Published by DarrylW at 7:49am on Thu 16th May 2024.

Oh, excellent Silent Rob result this year, really pleased with that score. I blew all my cash on a street party but you will have to see if I have a plan up my sleeve.

Who is going to be first? Exciting one point tiebreak.

Published by Silent Rob at 8:59am on Thu 16th May 2024.

I had a narrow victory over you in the cup this week (135-2). I assume you rested your star players to focus on the league.

Published by DarrylW at 10:06am on Thu 16th May 2024.

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