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Strawberry Fair 2023

Who's going?

Published by bigmal at 12:55am on Thu 25th May 2023. Viewed 753 times.

Probably me. Last year I pushed someone in a wheelchair from one end of the fair to the other though all the bottleneck crowds. This year I am arriving, plonking us down near the gate and staying there all day.

Published by Silent Rob at 2:17pm on Thu 25th May 2023.


I think that was me in the wheelchair.

Published by bigmal at 12:28pm on Fri 26th May 2023.

haven't been for a few years. thought the rebrand smaller fenced setup was aimed at families, which feels like its not for me. there is a local meetup group that just posted so maybe

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 7:58pm on Sun 28th May 2023.

I think it is much better with the fence, the vibe is less "get as trashed as possible", now it is more relaxed. I stopped going because it was getting too busy and there were too many loud shirts off drinkers.

Despite the fence it still has the loose hippy vibe it always had.

Published by Silent Rob at 9:49am on Thu 1st June 2023.

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