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FAO _0_1_2_3_

What bike do you ride fannybaws.

Published by bigmal at 12:42pm on Thu 28th July 2022. Viewed 1,193 times.

one of these, still havent decided on another. oh poo looks like images dont work. a Yamaha YBR Custom. i know still a beginner bike but i'm not very organised

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 11:59pm on Wed 3rd August 2022.

Do you fancy meeting up for a ride...... ?

Published by bigmal at 1:32am on Tue 27th September 2022.

its a bit too dicey for two wheels, wouldn't mind if there was snow that i could see but these icy patches

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 12:05am on Sun 11th December 2022.

someone half inched my reg plate last weekend. sad times :(

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 10:03pm on Wed 22nd November 2023.

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