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Wantasy Football 2022/23

The announcement everyone's been waiting for.

The league has been renewed; anyone that was in it last year will rejoin by default once set up for the new season. Anyone else who wants to join can use the below code.
League code: pv0sdb

I'm also nominating myself for WANer of the year 2022 for bothering to still do this.

Published by DarrylW at 3:17pm on Tue 26th July 2022. Viewed 854 times.

Hurrah! I can’t remember my login so I am pleased that I will be enrolled automatically.

Not sure if I have to pick some players, but playing each match with no players whatsoever will be a good way to come in that important last place. :D

Published by Silent Rob at 9:08am on Sat 30th July 2022.

Sadly if you don't login and create a new team you won't be auto-enrolled.

Published by DarrylW at 1:17pm on Mon 1st August 2022.

Right, entered, 53 million left over which I will spend on a childrens hospital.

Published by Silent Rob at 5:52pm on Mon 1st August 2022.

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