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Wantasy Football 2021/22

Published by DarrylW at 4:46pm on Mon 19th July 2021. Viewed 1,442 times.

Right, think I’ve joined. I bought all the cheapest players and have 35.5 mill left over. Am I last yet?

Published by Silent Rob at 8:03pm on Tue 20th July 2021.

They have emailed me to tell me that my team name is not allowed because it contains the word “fuck” so I have changed it. Now designed a good strip which is shocking pink and lime green.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:26pm on Wed 21st July 2021.

Amazingly there are FIVE entrants. One more than last year. WAN is definitely not dead ....

Published by DarrylW at 9:34am on Fri 13th August 2021.

The 21/22 Wantasy Football league table:

1. Cape Firpo, Ben Garnett: 2490
2. Wooden Barstewards, Darryl Wilks: 2223
3. Football Team 1, Derek Item: 2023
4. Change Name, Gary Vincent: 1566
5. Am I last yet?, Robyn Kemp: 461

While over in the Cup final:
Wooden Barstewards 75 vs Cape Firpo 63

Published by DarrylW at 7:40am on Mon 23rd May 2022.

Thanks for this, a while back I decided to check my progress and realised I had forgotten my username and password. A good result this year, but room for improvement. Lol :)

Published by Silent Rob at 11:02am on Mon 23rd May 2022.

Here's hoping you can remember it for 22/23. This is the most we've had in this league for a while!

Published by DarrylW at 9:44am on Tue 24th May 2022.

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