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Last Gang present China Shop Bull + The Vegetable Collective Sat 30th Nov



CHINA SHOP BULL – The punk hip-hop apocalypse that is China Shop Bull has gained the hearts and respect of people around the world on the back of years of consistent touring on the festival, punk and party scenes, and through the success of multiple album releases.

Fusing the worlds of electronic and live music, spanning countless styles and genres – drum & bass, hip-hop, ska and dub - all mixed up and spat out with an intense energy, punk ethos and attitude, China Shop Bull are bringing their hard hitting party vibe to Cambridge for the first time and are guaranteed to get you jumping!

Fronted by a rapper with a Yorkshire accent and an energetic singer who is simultaneously technically brilliant on guitar, backed up by a powerful brass section and a mathematically precise rhythm section, the old adage of 'has to be seen/heard to be believed' has never rung truer than with China Shop Bull.
With thought provoking and hard hitting lyrics covering controversial subjects such as mental health, the NHS, social issues, positivity, good times and times that can be made better, China Shop Bull stand strong behind their ethics and carry a message in their music, not just a good time.

THE VEGETABLE COLLECTIVE – With more firepower than a bazooka, The Vegetable Collective are a raucous quintuplet of North London warehouse-dwellers who combine ska, punk, dub and rap to create a manic live show that is guaranteed to blow your limbs apart.

With regular live appearances across the London party scene and the UK and European festival circuit (Boomtown Fair, Equinox, Freekuency etc), The Vegetable Collective provide serious on-stage and dancefloor wreckage for those who wanna skank!

Their music is catchy, full of good vibes, highly addictive, a little deranged….and always AVVIN IT!

LAST GANG IN TOWN DJs – Punk, Ska & beyond…

Saturday 30th November 2019
Doors 7:30pm
@The Portland Arms, 129 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3BA

£7 advance / £8 on the door
Advance ticket link:

Further Info:

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