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Heidi Allen

Is our local MP, and good on her.

Never voted Conservative in my life, but if she stands at the next election, I'd support her.

Published by sam i at 11:40am on Wed 20th February 2019. Viewed 3,327 times.

“I have absolutely had enough,” Allen said, eyes reddening, in front of a group who spelled out how the reforms were turning the screw on some of the country’s poorest people. “So I asked Frank if he would join me on a tour of the UK to show the government this exists. Unless we blow the lid off it, my lot are not going to listen.”


Published by Noodles Aaronson at 1:39pm on Mon 25th February 2019.

I stopped reading when it said Frank Field MP left the Labor Party because of antisemitism within the party.

Published by bigmal at 7:29pm on Wed 27th February 2019.
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I like what they've done in that it could very well be the fracturing of this crazy two-party political system we have, but I would never vote for a Tory.

I've just come back from protesting with the SODEM crew outside the HoP and we were there when they arrived for their inaugural meeting on Monday.

There was a taxi strike yesterday so all the roads were blocked off enabling us to march about freely. I took great pleasure at bellowing at Gove, a mere 20m away, that he's an embarrassment and a liar. In hindsight, calling him the foetid spawn of the devil's turtle head would've been a more satisfactory slight.

Anyway, if you can get down there at any time between Mon - Thurs every week they will be there. I can't recommend it enough. I had so much fun and even though you think to yourself what difference is this actually making, just being around like-minded folk and feeling like you're actually doing something is a great tonic. I could even hear myself shouting at the beginning of C4 news last night, which was hilarious. Cathy Newman and Gary Gibbons were struggling to keep straight faces because we were all making such a din.

Published by B-bam at 5:06pm on Thu 28th February 2019.

A week later, now initial flood of MPs leaving has stopped, this seems a bit old news. Inrspect that they had the courage to leave, but in practice it isn't going to make much difference - on some things they will vote with the government, on Brexit votes they would have rebelled anyway. And some of the MPS, if not Allen herself, have been on record defending Cameron's cuts, it shows once a Tory, always a Tory. If I lived the area I wouldn't vote for her.

Published by Silent Rob at 5:03am on Fri 1st March 2019.

B-bam - it is surprising how much access us plebs have to our government. Anyone (who has been through security) can walk into the HoP and walk around. You can nab MPS in the lobby, you can go to the strangers gallery and watch debates, you can even reserve tickets for popular events like PMQs.

Most MPs, even cabinet ministers, just walk into the HoP and you can see them hanging around outside being interviewed and whatnot, you can even shout what you think at them if you see fit.

Published by Silent Rob at 5:08am on Fri 1st March 2019.

Yeah I was surprised SR. Over the course of three days I saw the TIGers, John Redwood, Ben Bradshaw, Andrew Adonis, the foetid spawn of the devil's turtle head, the PM although I didn't really see her because she was in a car with blacked out windows. I got more and more cross as the week went on - and more shouty.

Weirdly I find it easier to keep my cool online these days, but it is satisfying having a good old shout although now my trachea and larynx feels like it's been slashed with razor blades I'm wondering if it was worth it.

Published by B-bam at 5:19pm on Fri 1st March 2019.

Yeah, usually the PM and party leaders are driven in by car, even though Downing Street is only two minutes walk away. The reason for this is quite obvious.

I can definitely recommend getting a ticket for PMQs and watching it at least once. It is quite surreal to see something so familiar as the House of Commons and prime minister right below you (through very thick bulletproof glass).

Apparently the HoP doormen make it a point of personal pride to know and greet by name every single MP who walks in. It must be terribly difficult to learn them all after elections.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:41am on Sat 2nd March 2019.

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