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Decent mill road area drinking holes

It's been a while since I've been out drinking round these parts. Where's good these days?

Published by B-bam at 9:12pm on Fri 1st February 2019. Viewed 3,005 times.

Not actually been in the Beaccy for over a month, but a new guy Rob took over about three weeks ago. I hear there aren't plans to change much, which is good.
The Salisbury is a bit chainy, but always seems to have a good atmosphere.
196 is great for cocktails and always busy.
The Petersfield is not cheap but has fantastic food.
Lots of friendly faces at the Dev, and their £3 a pint ale is good.
I do like the Six Bells, good food portions and lovely Guinness. ;-)

Published by MissRegaling at 11:48pm on Fri 1st February 2019.

The Kingston is still nice, but is often too busy to get a table.

The Dev is still too loud and echoey and impossible to hear other people talk.
The Live and Let Live is almost always empty, so I usually go there. Just right for people hating misanthropes like me. (Don't you all start going there, I will be very cross if I can't get a table).

The Empress is still fucking awful, with a weird landlord who thinks he is it.

I've not been in any other Mill Rd pubs for ages.

Published by Silent Rob at 9:03am on Sat 2nd February 2019.

Oh I can't stand the dev for the same reason as you Rob. Plus I understand the manager is a dick. Looks like the live Or the beacy then. :)

Are you still around Miss R or have you upped sticks and completely moved to the sticks now?

Published by B-bam at 6:54pm on Sat 2nd February 2019.

The Beacky is under new management, a guy called Rob seems a decent enough fellow. still too loud when they have the bands play and the Thursday night crowd are right up their own arseholes. And yes MissR has moved away.

Published by bigmal at 4:37am on Sun 3rd February 2019.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 4:38am on Sun 3rd February 2019.

Yeah, I popped into the beacy and it was too loud without a band (but with music playing). I ended up in the live which was just right.

Published by B-bam at 2:23pm on Sun 3rd February 2019.

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