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Hilary's A Moan, but much better than Alamim.

Hilary's- Has anyone else noticed the prices go up depending who is serving??? Plus the number of times I have bought onions and garlic that are off. The ginger-haired bloke (I don't know his name) is really cool as is the lassie that used to work the in the Beaky. But, the rest of the staff who I believe are family are charging Far Higher price. for rotten produce, a potato that is sprouting. Onions and garlic that are rotting. It just should not be served?

Published by bigmal at 5:41am on Sat 6th October 2018. Viewed 2,808 times.
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Yes some things don't seem to last long, like the garlic, and finding a ripe avocado in there is tricky. But I do still save money buying in Hilary's compared to the Co-op - the Co-op don't seem to do much in the way of loose veg any more, so you have to buy a packet of whatever veg you want and if you don't want e.g. a whole box of mushrooms then some ends up going to waste. In Hilary's I rummage to the back of each box as that's where the freshest stuff seems to be.

Published by MissRegaling at 1:00pm on Sat 6th October 2018.

Oh and don't buy bananas in Hilary as they often have flies!

Published by MissRegaling at 1:03pm on Sat 6th October 2018.

Alamin really takes the piss. The produce has a price by the side of it- say a bunch of mint, you take it to the counter and they put an extra 30p on it and when you complain they get all snarky, it used to be really friendly there, but now...

Published by bigmal at 6:37pm on Sat 6th October 2018.

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