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World Cup Russia

Anyone following the World Cup?

Published by nuttyprof at 5:53am on Sun 24th June 2018. Viewed 3,119 times.

I actually started to follow it slightly this year, having entered the sweepstake at work on a whim.

Sadly I drew Argentina, which isn't looking like the best quid I ever spent.

There's still hope, though. Maybe if all the other teams were to die in a series of tragic yet entirely unconnected accidents...?

Published by Wrongfellow at 10:19am on Sun 24th June 2018.

I'm in a sweep, too. I drew Mexico and Portugal. I'm still rooting for England though. I actually followed it through all of the qualifying rounds starting 3 1/2 years ago,

Published by nuttyprof at 11:11am on Mon 25th June 2018.


Published by bigmal at 12:45pm on Tue 26th June 2018.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 12:32pm on Thu 12th July 2018.

I usually support Iceland, because it is hilarious when people are beaten by a country with a population of only a few hundred thousand people. This doesn't go as far as actually watching any games mind.

I got Egypt in the office sweepstake, who are not going to win, nor are they be bad enough to win the "worst team" or "dirtyist team" prizes.

Published by Silent Rob at 6:04am on Thu 28th June 2018.

I think Egypt are in the running for worst team results.

Published by nuttyprof at 7:40am on Fri 29th June 2018.

I am sick of hearing that bloody awful song, so hopefully that will stop now. Just need to get the tennis over with now.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:58am on Thu 12th July 2018.

Dolazi kući!

Published by Wrongfellow at 9:59am on Thu 12th July 2018.

What song would that be Silent Rob - "Your going home your going home Engerlands going home" hahaha bunch o wakers. Let's face it the only reason you got to the semis was luck. The team were a bunch of nobodies, as soon as you played a good team you lost. You had one good result and that was it.
The joy of watching all the disappointed fans walk down Mill Road was an absolute joy to behold. Hahahaha losers losers. Hahahaha Aaaaaaah.

Published by bigmal at 12:43pm on Thu 12th July 2018.

Mal, you've posted your reply to Silent Rob on the Cambridge News website. It's "you're" by the way. LOL

Published by DJ Ohmygod at 1:04pm on Thu 12th July 2018.

Shut it, fannybaws.

Published by bigmal at 3:29pm on Thu 12th July 2018.

We should offer Scotland to Croatia as a prize, to celebrate their victory over us.

Published by Wrongfellow at 4:04pm on Thu 12th July 2018.

England 0 Belgium 2

Wohohohohohoho lets face it guys you were absolute rubbish.

Published by bigmal at 7:34pm on Sat 14th July 2018.

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