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Ps4 repair person

Does anyone onow someone who knows how to fix ps4? Thanks guys

Published by pan-pan at 7:43pm on Tue 29th May 2018. Viewed 3,289 times.

What's the problem with it?

Published by Wrongfellow at 2:21pm on Wed 30th May 2018.

On Saturday I bought a PS4 VR Set (don't judge) and the following day the PS4 just won't power up. Nothing, not even a faint beep. Just nothing. I've looked online and the only thing I can think off is that either there is a loose connection or something fried up...

Published by pan-pan at 11:04am on Mon 4th June 2018.

Wrongfellow can you fix my X Box it's not reading? the disk...... I will clean your curtains etc etc.

Published by bigmal at 4:36pm on Mon 4th June 2018.

pan-pan: it could be as simple as a blown fuse. bigmal: have you tried a head cleaner disc?

Published by Wrongfellow at 10:13am on Tue 5th June 2018.

Hey Wrongfellow, when you say blown fuse, you mean the thing in the actual plug or something in the playstation? I've tried replacing the fuse in the plug but to no effect... I think there's a place on Fitzroy Street that fixes PS4, I may have to pay them a visit...

Published by pan-pan at 11:40am on Tue 12th June 2018.

Well if you've changed the one in the plug then I doubt it's that ;) But there are often fuses in the gadget itself too, so it's worth taking it open and having a look, if it's out of warranty. (Or take it to the guy on Fitzroy Street if you don't feel like doing it yourself.)

Published by Wrongfellow at 11:54am on Tue 12th June 2018.

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