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More evidence that people who voted for Brexit are Moronic numskulls.


These Subhumans will more than likely exhibit.

1. Being religious
2. Disapproving or being neutral about women going to work
3. Not meeting someone from elsewhere in Britain
4. Disliking diversity
5. Not trusting other people
6. Disapproving of gay relationships

The list goes on...

Published by Priority 23 at 8:14am on Wed 15th February 2017. Viewed 5,193 times.

Further disintegration beckons, with the real prospect of 'that woman' winning in France

Published by Priority 23 at 12:19pm on Wed 15th February 2017.


A comprehensive list of reasons why Brexit will be the best thing ever to happen to Britain

Published by John Techno at 2:18pm on Thu 16th February 2017.

Only a moronic numskull would vote against the out-of-touch political status quo?

Published by Wrongfellow at 12:54pm on Fri 17th February 2017.

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