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The CEN has tunnel vision...

Published by R0B3RT (not active) at 1:35pm on Thu 1st December 2016. Viewed 4,541 times.

Just wait... there'll be trouble when the Knights Templar find out about this!

Published by Wrongfellow at 5:09pm on Fri 2nd December 2016.

This article about a stupid Freedom of Information request is amusing, considering that roughly 60% of CN articles these days are based on stupid FoI requests (30% are selections of comments from previous articles, 5% look suspiciously like paid content, the final 5% is news of a sort).

Published by John Techno at 12:29pm on Mon 5th December 2016.

It seems to be an oddly popular request:

Is there actually some kind of coordinated nationwide scheme to spam local councils with stupid FoI requests?

Published by Wrongfellow at 4:38pm on Mon 5th December 2016.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 4:39pm on Mon 5th December 2016.

It is probably one organisation that has submitted them all to all the councils, so that they can then generate a press release that can be churnalised by every pisspot "local" paper in the country with a minimal edit to make the content locally relevant.

Local papers are now full of this shite.

"Wanker & Scumbag Estate Agents today released their survey of the most expensive cities in the country. [Cambridge] and [Southwold] came in at numbers 4 and 9, respectively. The top 10 were..."

Who gives a tinker's cuss about how much was spent on exorcists is another question.

the only organisation I can think of that would gain from this sort of press release on this subject is...The Ghostbusters. We can but hope.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 4:54pm on Mon 5th December 2016.

Well done boys

Here's another £20 billion.

Published by bigmal at 8:48pm on Mon 5th December 2016.

I've been recently been planning on setting up a paranormal investigation agency (with a friend who has a PhD, because having her on the team gives us an air or respectability and we can charge the shite cable channels who show all the programmes about paranormal stuff a bit extra to film us), with the aim of blatantly ripping the piss out of idiots to see how long it takes before someone says "Hang on a minute..."

It occurs to me that exorcisms could be a lucrative sideline, so I for one do give a tinker's cuss about how much has been spent on exorcists.

Published by John Techno at 11:40pm on Mon 5th December 2016.

Have you recently filed a ridiculous number of FoI requests to public bodies?

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 11:03am on Tue 6th December 2016.

No need. Being the powerful psychics that we are, we can ask our spirit guides to supply us with information such as that.

Published by John Techno at 11:54am on Tue 6th December 2016.

Some years ago someone made an FOI to their local council requesting details of what emergency measures were in place in the event of a zombie attack. Once the council confirmed that they had no measures then the council building was overrun with people in costume pretending to be zombies, which made the press.

Most amusing, yes, but once that started far less original people made the exact same requests to their local councils nationwide (yes, Cambridgeshire got one too).

This is why I reckon there's been so many FOI requests for exorcists, just copycats. Especially nowadays since a lot of FOIs are now put online via Whatdotheyknow, so it's easily Googlable.

Published by Silent Rob at 1:47pm on Tue 6th December 2016.

still waiting on the FOI asking how many hours Council employees have spent on FOIs

Published by foolscap (not active) at 3:39pm on Tue 6th December 2016.

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