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Cambridge News

website has been 'cleaned up' a bit, I'd even go as far as saying it looks tidy - didn't have any browser-crashing ransomware like ads, at least not yet

Published by foolscap (not active) at 5:52pm on Wed 19th October 2016. Viewed 5,129 times.

still loads of ads when you click through to 'news' stories. christ, it's fucking shit.

Published by B-bam at 7:08pm on Wed 19th October 2016.

...and there doesn't seem to be a search facility anymore!

Published by MissRegaling at 3:42am on Thu 20th October 2016.

It's a bit better, i.e. I can actually view it on the creaky computers at work without it crashing now.

Still pop up ads, which get in the way, but I understand that they need ads to pay for the site.

The comments are harder to find now. While I can see that no comments might be a good thing, I secretly quite enjoy reading them. The comments are like watching a car crash at a UKIP conference.

Published by Silent Rob at 8:22am on Thu 20th October 2016.

Not been attacked by an ambush ad yet..... Still the same lack luster journalism though...... it looks better..

Published by Priority 23 at 8:31am on Thu 20th October 2016.

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