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Find cycling down Castle Hill a bit scary?

Here's former MTB 4X World Champion Dan Atherton on the Red Bull Hardline, widely considered one of the most difficult downhill courses in the world...

Published by John Techno at 11:28pm on Wed 12th October 2016. Viewed 5,133 times.

I think Cambridge should build a tribute to this course.

It should start on the top floor of the multi-storey bike park in the station, and end just outside the front door of Addenbrooke's A&E.

Published by Wrongfellow at 11:38pm on Wed 12th October 2016.


Were those skeletons on the side of the track? :P

Published by B-bam at 12:21am on Thu 13th October 2016.

He designed the course and he didn't even win - not that impressive if you ask me... ;)

Published by R0B3RT (not active) at 10:50am on Thu 13th October 2016.

a huge tabletop ramp across the chesterton road/northampton st junction would really be sending it (and would give those running the lights every day a second option at dicing with death). why let Valparaiso have all the fun

Published by foolscap (not active) at 12:15pm on Thu 13th October 2016.

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