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5 years since Spillers Mill fire today

Spillers Mill fire happened in the early hours of 27th March 2010:

Bing Maps is now so out of date it acts an interactive 'before' view of the station area, dating from about 2009, including the intact mill, the old Great Eastern offices (now Microsoft), no guided bus way etc.

Topically, one of the previous plans for the mill was to create a new archive/museum including the Cambridgeshire Collection, which is planned to move to Ely as the the third floor of the central library is privatised :-/

Published by bad-timing at 5:41pm on Fri 27th March 2015. Viewed 7,380 times.

Great thread BT. :)

it seems like much longer ago than five years somehow...

Published by Silent Rob at 9:02am on Sat 28th March 2015.

And people still point at the hopper thing on the back of Travis Perkins and ask me "is that Spillers Mill?"

Published by Wrongfellow at 9:31am on Sat 28th March 2015.

i've posted this before, This vdo features the Spillers Mill, before they started developing all around it.

To this day it's still not finished, covered in that aging tarp'

I prefer to call the place the Cat Food factory.

Published by Priority 23 at 8:01am on Mon 30th March 2015.

More footage:

This one of the now defunct Great Eastern House (where Microsoft are now)

Published by Priority 23 at 8:03am on Mon 30th March 2015.

Cambridge Station in Minecraft

Those videos are getting very historical. I didn't realise the 'Red House' building (Victorian railway offices next to Great Eastern House) was half demolished as early as 2007.

Are you planning to do an 'after' video at some point?

And for anyone who wants to explore Cambridge circa 2009 as it would look with crumbling buildings and all the roads and railway lines overgrown with grass, see this recent project to render Cambridge in Minecraft:

Published by bad-timing at 1:18am on Tue 31st March 2015.

I'm collecting footage all the time. My gf lives just round the corner.
The polystyrene Mott Macdonald building is my favourite temporary structure at the moment.
The level of building around the station can best be described as 'hysterical' at the moment (not in the funny way)
By far the best thing to come out of all this so far is the little Co Op next to the Earl Of Derby..... Dead handy that...
Wonder what the new shops/cafes will be along where the bus stops are.....

Published by Priority 23 at 8:06am on Tue 31st March 2015.

Shitty unimaginative chains no doubt. Unlikely to be locally-run, or with any character or quality as that isn't the Cambridge way.

Published by Kuryakin at 10:54am on Sat 11th April 2015.

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