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Wilton Terrace, Station Road. Can you help ?

Please comment before May 8th

Please forward to anyone you think might help. All support very welcome.

The City Council opposes this scheme but the Developers are now appealing to the Planning Inspectorate.

Thank you.

Can you help ? The Friends of Wilton Terrace have fought a long campaign to create a balanced development in Station Road. Developers promised a new Heritage Centre and other community facilities but now claim that they cannot afford anything but office blocks, with minimal open space. They are now intent on demolishing Wilton Terrace, Station Road, despite opposition from the City Council. Retaining these buildings would enhance the character of the area and provide a visual link between the Victorian houses at the approach to Station Road and the Railway Station. A visit to the new King’s Cross development shows how an imaginative developer can integrate old and new buildings. Cannot the ‘gateway to Cambridge’ match this ?

The City Council refused the application to demolish this terrace, but the developers are appealing to the Planning Inspectorate. If you are concerned, please comment ( details below).

The Friends of Wilton Terrace welcome help and support: 30 Lyndwode, Road Cambridge CB1 2HN ;


Demolition of Houses in Station Road: Wilton Terrace: Do we need more Office blocks ?

You can help

Many residents will know Wilton Terrace in Station Road.

Almost opposite the new Microsoft offices it is the current home of the Woodlands Surgery.

Built in 1885 it is probably one of the finest examples of the work of architect Richard Reynolds Rowe, who is most famous for the Grade 2 Listed Corn Exchange in the city centre. Rowe is perhaps the most influential Cambridge Victorian Architect of his generation. His signature style is on many of our homes, the use of local gault bricks with stepped red brick corners, red and black brick window and door arches and decorative red brick cornices under gutters. Together they are the character of Victorian residential Cambridge.

Resist monster office blocks

In 2012 the developers of land round the station came up with a plan to demolish Wilton Terrace and build two monster office towers of eight and nine storeys.

· The taller of the two is 36 metres high, for comparison Kings College Chapel is 29 metres high. They are over 16,000 sq.

· Metres in fl or area which is nearly 70% larger than the nearby Microsoft offices already constructed. They will dominate the station, a Grade 2 listed building.

· Planning officers recommend approval but Councillors voted down the scheme by a narrow majority. Now the developers have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and with the endorsement of the planners they are in a strong position.

· We believe there is huge opposition in our City to the destruction of our Victorian heritage and the construction of such massive office blocks.

· We recognise Station Road needs to be improved but a lower density more innovative design could fuse both old and new and would be a credit to the architectural quality of our city.

Public support is critical: How to Comment

Letters need to quote reference:

· APP/Q0505/A/13/2191482 for the office towers

· And PP/Q0505/E/13/2191474 for the demolition.

· You can submit your views on line using

• Or on paper, in triplicate, to The Planning Inspectorate, 3/02 Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay,Bristol,BS1 6PN

- if you want to be in touch with the campaign send or email us a copy as well:

• Or email your objection to

giving your name and address, we will forward them to the Planning Inspector on your behalf.

Time is short as the closing date is May 8th.

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The Public Inquiry regarding the future of Wilton Terrace has started.

Thank you to everyone who came today and listened to individual residents making the case for saving the terrace.

Day 2 of the Inquiry continues tomorrow (Thursday 17 October, 9.30am til 5pm). Friday (18 October) is expected to be the third and final day. Please come and show your support, whether you can spare 1 hour or more time.

Today Inspector John Gray explained that he is still accepting representations from the public (in person only, no emails) so please feel free to hand him your written objections tomorrow.

You can also follow @SaveWilton for updates or join the Facebook page:

Thank you

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You're repeating your self......

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