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Piss in the sink and call the cat a bastard


The Harold Shipman Fan Club

I had a nutter in my cab the other day, he has a massive grin on his face sits next to me and stares right into my eyes,and then he starts talking about cheese."Do you like cheese".its the first time I've ever become scared discussing dairy products.
"I like red cheese"he goes on"cheese toasties cheese and biscuits,what cheese do you like.?"By this time I'm shitting myself.i mean what do you say to somebody that's obviously mad , sitting there staring at you with an inane grin on their face? ,agree with him.! ""Yes mate cheese is excellent i love cheese" .
Jesus his grin has now grown tenfold"would you like to come into my house for some cheese".i start pressing the buttons on my data head like mad .give me another job come on please for **** sake any job."sorry mate I'm really busy".Thankfully we arrive at his house."here we go sir that's 8 pounds please".He's still smiling as he gets out and I'm still shaking .
I should of known that was coming ,he was dressed in a bright pink shell suit top with double cadet stripe and green baggy shorts , knee length blue socks and a pair of brogues
He reminds me of this morbidly obese teenager that gets a cab everywhere, always talking about food.
She dresses in a way that she obviously thinks is stylish, she wears a sleeveless button up white top with a an open v design showing her cleavage , it also has pearl chains dangling around her shoulders (these are so obviously bits of plastic) the top stops at the bellybutton I'm not sure if this is on purpose or not.The whole thing looks like its three sizes too small and bursting under the strain.
For trousers she has chosen grey jogging bottoms with a logo written across her arse stating the words classy lassy.
She always travels with this really thin guy."Take me too McDonald's now"The cab rocks back and fourth when she gets in."ooooh double cheeseburger with loads of chips"all she talks about is food."can you hurry up driver I'm bloody starving"."**** me love i doubt that ".Mr thin man just sits there not meeting my occasional glance..
We`re going to some burger outlet and its then we find out it's not open.she was half way through talking about what sort of relish she wants when we pull up."it's shut burger king is shut"She is screaming and bouncing up and down ."**** sake love mind my suspension"."i want a burger,i want a burger".I shoot off fast as i can under the circumstances."hang on i know a drive through".I am tearing through the city avoiding the speed bumps at all costs.
The noise emanating from the hippo sat behind me reminds me of a documentary i once watched about child birth.i pull into the drive through and voice from a machine says "Can i take your order please"the obese one is so hyperventilated she cant talk, so Mr thin steps in"two treble cheese burgers with everything on them four fries and two litres of coke three boxes of chicken wings.please."Mr thin just rattles this off the top of his head giving the impression that its not the first time he has come to the rescue of his damsel in distress..Waiting for the food is akin to the countdown for the space shuttle, the tension is unbelievable.
There comes a time in every Man's life when you have to stand tall and be counted.Not to let your family name down. Not to let yourself be bullied or be tread upon.i thought of my hero,s general Julian Thompson of the royal marines who fought with his men in the Falklands conflict . Henrick larson all time best goal scorer for Glasgow Celtic and of course Harold . I mustered all my strength, tried to hide my fear and spoke..."I'm sorry love you can't eat in my cab."

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