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This famous Session, moved from the Boat Race (Cambridge's greatest live music venue) when it was peremptorily closed by the brewers is now well established as the Monday night session at The White Swan in Mill Road. Like all true Irish sessions, you never know how many are going to be there! Some days there will be just four or five musicians and singers belting it out, whilst on others there could be as many as 15 or more giving it what-for between about 8.30pm and 11.00pm!
If you're a capable musician (Fiddles, harps, whistle/flutes, boxes etc.) and want to widen your experience, and can competently contribute to the session, please feel free to come along. Just check with us when you get there. Sorry, guys, you really do need to know what you are doing now that we have become so popular. answer to a recent question, no we do NOT make it up as we go along - this is real traditional music!!

This session is now getting very popular and I would recommend all potential participants read the general session rules at

wich apply to both Scottish and Irish Sessions. It could be easier for all concerned.

If just listening to the magic of real Irish music is your thing, come along and listen and tap yer feet!


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