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Alan's Disco Taxi

Anyone know anything about this?? I passed it sitting outside the leisure park on my way home today and was amused.

Published by katemac at 9:06pm on Mon 12th June 2006. Viewed 10,226 times.

i drunkenly remembered about it on friday and phoned panther at closing time asking if they ran it... they hung up on me.
I've seen it outside asda in the daytime once and a couple of times at taxi ranks of an evening... i'm so intrigued by it

Published by James Alternation (not active) at 9:08pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

My friends were saying on Saturday they wanted to start one up! so I've just told them about this, which has caused much indignation!

Published by katemac at 9:10pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

Nothing on Google. Rubbish

Published by katemac at 9:14pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

We inadvertantly got Alan's Disco Taxi on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. The man's an arse.

Published by crushingdeath at 9:32pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

what is the deal with the disco cab though?
the taxi driver we had on friday was an arse too... he wouldn't answer my question as to whether ginger people were big tippers or not... simple question, really

Published by James Alternation (not active) at 9:44pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

Basically he has a van with a tiny mirror ball gaffer-taped to the ceiling, and an appalling sound system (PC speakers quite possibly) which Alan loves to crank up to max for 5 second bursts to show it off even after you've asked him not to. He was giving us all his card telling us to call him whenever we wanted, day or night, he'd always come and pick us up etc OVER AND OVER AGAIN until we were all just sat there in stony silence wanting to get the fuck out of there. All this at 7pm on a Monday night on the way out to a restaurant. Next time I call Panther for a big taxi I will make a point of asking not to get him.

Published by crushingdeath at 10:06pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

aww what a disappointment!

Published by katemac at 10:13pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

To clarify the gingers being big tippers issue:

I don't really tip.

Work shy fools should pay their rates like the rest of us. . . .

Published by Jah_Pat at 10:39pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

We got that taxi after one of our punk gigs at the Man On The Moon, we didn't ask for it and I hope we don't get it again. Just what we wanted, not. I kept saying that I hope he didn't expect me to pay extra for it! He seemed to go all the way home at maximum 15mph too....irritating!

Published by LastGangInTown at 11:04pm on Mon 12th June 2006.

Is it a panther cab then?

Published by Silent Rob at 9:23am on Tue 13th June 2006.

sounds to me like there is a gap in the market for a *decent* disco taxi in cambridge. maybe a toyota prius equipped with a funktion one soundsystem, driven by...wiggle. that would really be more of a tech-house taxi, though.

Published by rikabel at 10:12am on Tue 13th June 2006.

still, it would be better than getting the cab i got about a month ago from panther where the driver finished off every sentence with "do you get it".

it would be like he'd say something, do you get it, and then after he'd finished he'd add the words do you get it, do you get it. it drove me absolutely nuts, do you get it. anybody else bumped into him yet, do you get it?

Published by koosh at 10:49am on Tue 13th June 2006.

dude, i get it. do you get it?

Published by rikabel at 11:18am on Tue 13th June 2006.

Deleted Post

Published by actionfist (not active) at 11:37am on Tue 13th June 2006.

i used to get it. but now i dig it. can y'all get to that?

Published by Saint Nick (not active) at 11:41am on Tue 13th June 2006.

that was the problem. eventually you'd respond with "yeah i get it" to which he said "do you get it" and the whole thing went round and round in circles.

Published by koosh at 12:09pm on Tue 13th June 2006.

i'm pickin' up what you puttin' down.

you grok?

Published by rikabel at 12:20pm on Tue 13th June 2006.


Published by koosh at 1:50pm on Tue 13th June 2006.

Yeah I made the mistake of ending up in this cab at 2am a couple of months ago, I have never felt so close to murder as I did then.
I too got the max volume dolby 5.1 surround sound stero test, which was using terrible 80's music anyway. Then he started to watch a dvd on the dash-mounted dvd player, which was an 80's music video I beleive, but the lack of attention to the road at 15+mph was more terrifying than the music choice.
I too got the business card thrust into my hand and was told he gets people ringing up and asking for him especially. He didn't say if it was to make sure he was having a night off or not though!
I left that cab feeling so dirty, like I never wanted to see a cabbie ever again.
I also had a cabbie that wanted to turn all cats into hats. The freaks come out!

Published by Dirty House DJ at 2:25pm on Thu 15th June 2006.

Has anyone got his number?

Published by cromwell plumbing at 12:20pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

I ordered a taxi to go to town one night and i got in before my boyfriend, it made me laugh but it was awkward and then when my boyfriend got in and he thought i had arranged it and we were getting filmed or something!

but i did get his card...

Panther Cabs
Alan's Disco Taxi
Request Cab 295
07796 575590

I also spoke to another taxi driver about him later that night and apparently all the taxi drivers laugh at him and no one really talks to him, this made me lilke him! I think there is a case of taxi-bullying!

Published by littlemonkey at 2:18pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

myself, QB and lozzy were picked up in it last night... we had flashy lights, simple minds and something else (i was a bit the worse for wear by then and struggle to remember)

I also had it home a different time, alan is a good fella but his speakers are shite when having bass thudding through. It does make for an interesting journey home though

Published by James Alternation (not active) at 2:54pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

never heard of it...that's the joy of cycling everywhere :)

Published by Virginie at 4:27pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

James, this wasnt Sam's dad was it - remmeber him, big Man U fan, used to talk to you about footy. His name is Alan and he works for Panther?!

Published by ozzyfrogspawn (not active) at 5:46pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

Was Sam's dad also a bit mental? Disco Alan picked me up once, and it wasn't entertaining, it was crap and didn't warrant the commentary all the way home. Even when we got home he insisted on showing me his graphic equaliser. My girlfriend got very scared.

Published by pob74 at 5:57pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

hahaha... no it wasn't that alan, though he does pick us up from time to time (and normally rubs in how well man ure are doing in comparison to arsenal)

Published by James Alternation (not active) at 8:08pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

It has blue lights in it/on it, twice I've pulled over when I've seen it in my mirrors thinking it was the emergency services. I wish it'd get done for it, it makes me mad!!

Published by closetcapital at 8:59pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

I got a lift back to the house of Boo/Jazz/James once in Alan's disco taxi ... was a surreal experience and also didn't end fast enough, the sound is awful. He gave me his card if anyone's interested.

Published by Three Headed Lizard at 9:14pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

This sounds like a bigmal taxi experience to me :p

Published by barryella scott (not active) at 9:19pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

mmmm hey barryella scott the main diffrence is allan,s disco taxi is a nice guy.anyone who has the balls to wear tigerstyle 70s retro shirts and a stetson and plays disco gets my i,m just a miserable bastard who say,s "really" to everything.
not any more though my car has died the clutch has gone the engines rattling like fuck and theres no point in trying to get it that was 2000 pounds well spent,the bastards .so bs have a word with andy for me. and find out if he has cars for hire.panther have stopped fixing cars on tick.dont know what to do :(

Published by bigmal at 9:37pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

Awww mate, sorry to hear that...are you sure it's unfixable? Brown and watson are brilliant mechanics (they used to be at the back of the Broadway)... I can have a word with Andy if you like and will let you know...

Published by barryella scott (not active) at 9:40pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

no fucking money .well pissed off .will cost easily a grand to get back on road

Published by bigmal at 9:51pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

Are you sure it's gonna cost that much? Has someone already quoted you that? What are you going to do if not? It might be worth getting in touch with Honest Tom as he sells cars - he might be able to help. He's up to his eyeballs in the little chef refurb though just to warn you but give him a bell on 07884078590 and i'm sure he'll do what he can to help.

Published by barryella scott (not active) at 10:03pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

the cars basically fucked should never have bought it .clutch burnt out ,wheels wobbly roll bar bush knachered.qwouted 1400 from panther to fix .they wont do tick very annoying as it comes off tax.dont want to sell bike .i need a drink .what im hoping to do is rent a car out and save.maybe paya bit at a time .fucking mot mid march, tax start of march.the engine could blow any time.

Published by bigmal at 10:20pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

Deleted Post

Published by Father_Shabooboo (not active) at 10:23pm on Sun 4th February 2007.

I got that Taxi this Saturday night and thought it was great fun!! I found the taxi driver really pleasant and we all had a ball - mind you we are a bunch of people that love to party so any excuse is good for us!

I'll find his card when I get home and add it on here if anyone is interested in booking him.

Published by Loulibel at 1:00pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

What does he actually play in the disco taxi?

Published by Dr Rhythm at 1:08pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

Alans Disco Taxi sounds like the most annoying thing I've ever heard. Panther have never been anything but completely useless so I never use them (I only use A1) so I'm pleased that I'm not very likely to get him. Phew.

Published by Silent Rob at 1:21pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

can i remind all eyou wan,s that i have left panther and joined ANDY CABS .if you ask for big mal and mention wan i will give you 20% off the fare.

Published by bigmal at 2:41pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

Well done for leaving Panther. *shakes that mans hand*

Published by Silent Rob at 2:57pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

Bigmal, can we use you for that for a trip from Thetford on Saturday to bring back Froby's fishing gear and pc????

Published by Clairee at 4:58pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

hey clairee i talked to my boss andy from andy cabs and basicly.. no. very sorry wish i could help out .what i can do is charge one way in stead of two way.

Published by bigmal at 7:29pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

how much would that be bigmal

Published by Froby at 8:05pm on Wed 21st March 2007.

hey froby my boss has qwouted (sp) me 50.not cheap your best bet is to pm jazzrtc he has a van and desparate for work.

Published by bigmal at 7:30pm on Thu 22nd March 2007.


Published by batty (not active) at 10:56pm on Mon 16th July 2007.

heh heh

Published by batty (not active) at 5:36pm on Sat 1st December 2007.

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