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2024 Celebrity Death Cull!

And the scores on the doors are...

Published by bigmal at 3:10pm on Sun 31st December 2023. Viewed 117 times.

Predictions: Tom Baker, Prunella Scales and Buzz Aldren.

Published by Silent Rob at 9:21am on Mon 1st January 2024.

David Soul

Published by bigmal at 11:45pm on Fri 5th January 2024.

Clint Eastwood (prediction)

Published by B-bam at 5:59pm on Sat 6th January 2024.

Adan Canto

Published by bigmal at 5:53pm on Wed 10th January 2024.

JPR Williams
Franz Beckenbauer
Annie Nightingale

Published by Caribou_populations at 2:51pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

Annie Nightingale

Published by bigmal at 7:46pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

JPR Wiliams

Published by bigmal at 7:47pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

Franz Beckenbauer

Published by bigmal at 7:48pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

Mary Weiss

Published by Caribou_populations at 11:20am on Sun 21st January 2024.

Carl Weathers - Apolo Creed.

Published by bigmal at 5:04pm on Sat 3rd February 2024.

Ian Lavender (Dad's Army)

Published by MissRegaling at 2:20pm on Mon 5th February 2024.

Ian Lavender

Published by bigmal at 2:03pm on Wed 7th February 2024.

Steve Wright.

Published by bigmal at 5:12pm on Tue 13th February 2024.

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