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Can we get back to normal now please???

As you all know I am not one to complain but...

All this fucking bullshit about Brenda dying... I mean what the fuck... Not only the mentally ill coming out the box- nothing compared to Diana's death though on that score I must admit... But come on the sycophantic shite spouted by the likes of Radio 4 (which I normally listen to, to escape the banality of normal radio) was both unbearable and unbelievable... Complete fucking tosh... Here is a list of some of the toss I've heard...

She was a guiding light for the nation... What the fuck does that even mean??
She was a constant... A constant what? A constant fucking sloth???
I hope the people of Scotland do not blame themselves for the death of Elizabeth... Don't worry mate, we fucking don't...
She was everyone's friend... Oh fuck off, you are nothing to these people, and the Queen was the worst of the lot...
She worked very hard... Hahaha, this must be my favorite, the Queen - work hahaha doing what exactly? Asking people "And, what do you do"? or their other fucking staple "Have you traveled far"...
This is a person so out of touch with people that when she gives her Queens speech and talks about austerity she does so in front of a fucking gold piano.
When Betty and Phil went to work hahaha oh my eye.... hahaha, do you think they enjoyed meeting her subjects, she hated it. Imagined if you will a new shopping mall opening up and Liz and Phil are asked to open it, the sheep start to gather and they are made to wait hours on their feet before the royals turn up because you cannot have late comers arriving after the Queen... The onlookers are not allowed to sit down in front of the Queen, and no one is allowed to stand upstairs to watch as no one is allowed to look down at the Queen... Suddenly Phil the Greek enters the mall and walks about talking shite - "Have you traveled far"?.... And "What do you do"? waffle waffle waffle... Next thing you know Brenda comes in whilst all eyes are on Phil, pulls the cord, and leaves, no thanks, no speeches... Then you can bet that all the local papers are stating what a triumph the Queen's visit was...

So my question is, what good did having a queen do? In what way did she guide the nation, what justification is there to spend hundreds of millions a year on this respectable face of privilege????

Published by bigmal at 7:41pm on Wed 28th September 2022. Viewed 642 times.
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Brilliant post Mal, excellent work.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:30am on Fri 30th September 2022.

All I can say is thank goodness the funeral was a low-key affair and that they didn't overdo it.

Published by andy_landy at 10:01am on Sat 8th October 2022.

7 Billion quid to put someone in a box... They should have had the Congolese Pall Bearers instead of the same as squaddy bollox.

Published by bigmal at 1:02am on Wed 12th October 2022.

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