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ADMIN: Account creation disabled / Future of WAN?

For several months now I have seen nothing on here but spam.

I have blocked the creation of new accounts because I am getting sick and tired of doing nothing but deleting it.

Existing users can still log in and post as normal.

Is anyone still out there?

I'm thinking that the time may have come to admit that WAN has served its purpose and should be laid to rest.

Published by Wrongfellow at 2:15pm on Mon 28th June 2021. Viewed 905 times.

Waves hands

Published by bigmal at 7:20pm on Mon 28th June 2021.

I'm still out here, but I've had similar thoughts over the last few months. Even the reappearance of Dagg failed to kindle more sparks. (Sad to admit.)

Published by nuttyprof at 11:28am on Tue 29th June 2021.

Published by B-bam at 6:54pm on Thu 1st July 2021.

Like Bigmal out of hell I'll be gone when the morning comes...

- WANloaf

Published by Wrongfellow at 3:36pm on Sat 3rd July 2021.
This reply has been edited, last edit at 3:37pm on Sat 3rd July 2021.

I still check once a week... to find nothing much.

Always time for a quick LOL though.

Published by Silent Rob at 6:03am on Tue 6th July 2021.

>Always time for a quick LOL though.

>Published by Silent Rob at 6:03am on Tue 6th July 2021.

L. O. L

Published by B-bam at 12:13am on Wed 7th July 2021.

Poor ol' WAN.

Published by mudsharkinterview at 5:23pm on Thu 8th July 2021.

This reply represents 20% of all my responses made in the 11 years since I joined.

Can we start a thread on Cambridge bands of the 90's again, or memories of the cement works?

Published by Caribou_populations at 11:34pm on Fri 16th July 2021.

Or "What Arbury is really like" that seemed popular.

There's lots of new bits of Cambridge I've never been to, don't even know their names - what are they like? Will I get mugged in any of them?

Published by Caribou_populations at 11:52pm on Fri 16th July 2021.

its a bit warm. i wonder if the Jesus Green lilo will be overrun if they open up on July 19th (currently booking only)

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 11:15pm on Sun 18th July 2021.

It's coming up to my annual post about the Wantasy Football League. Not that anyone new ever joins; anyone that was in it from before just rolls over into the new one. There were 4 people in it last season. I think two of us were actively playing.

Published by DarrylW at 4:45pm on Mon 19th July 2021.

Maybe there's life in the old dog yet.

I also considered a technically trickier but less restrictive way to combat the spam, which is to forbid newly created accounts from posting links. Newcomers would have to actually contribute to threads for a while, at which point link posting can be manually enabled. Existing accounts would gain this ability automatically; maybe there are a few "sleeper" accounts in there, but all of the spam I've seen this year has come from new accounts.

What do people think of this idea?

Published by Wrongfellow at 11:21pm on Tue 20th July 2021.

You’re the webmaster WF, I will bow down to your view. Make new users crawl through barbed wire and jump through hoops of fire before they can post if you think that is best. Maybe just do that to spammers?

Published by Silent Rob at 4:21pm on Wed 21st July 2021.

Maybe just do that to spammers?

The only way to find out who the spammers are is to wait until they post their spam, at which point I have to delete it.

Published by Wrongfellow at 1:16pm on Fri 23rd July 2021.

its probably heresy to mention but i post on a Cambridge discord and lurk in another. not sure if anyone else is there. obv there's no name and shame but a bit more chat, the occasional lol

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 7:56pm on Sat 24th July 2021.

WAN very much has a purpose for anyone who's hoping to rent property in Cambridge and curious about the reputation of a certain letting agent.

Published by sam i at 9:49pm on Wed 11th August 2021.

Russells is now Leaders, I think, who are just as shit.

Published by B-bam at 10:28am on Fri 20th August 2021.

Do you think they changed their name because everyone in Cambridge associates Russells with terrible service? Because if you search for them google shows them being lying scumbags? :]

Published by Silent Rob at 5:23am on Sat 21st August 2021.


Published by B-bam at 10:29pm on Mon 23rd August 2021.

Oh, that makes sense - there was a Nextdoor thread recently where someone wanted recommendations for a letting agency. Leaders came up several times as one to avoid; I did wonder why no-one mentioned Russells!

Published by DarrylW at 7:49pm on Tue 24th August 2021.

Oh I saw that thread. That site is dreadful though. I can only bear to be on it for short periods.

Published by B-bam at 6:35pm on Wed 25th August 2021.

I thought we'd disappeared again!

Published by nuttyprof at 6:03am on Wed 22nd December 2021.

I quite like it, it is just like modern times, locked down, it opens, you go to the pub, then it shuts again.

Published by Silent Rob at 6:05am on Wed 22nd December 2021.

Yup. For some reason the database server sometimes decides to self-isolate. When this happens I need to do a PCR test to convince it that it's safe to keep going outside. ;)

Published by Wrongfellow at 3:53pm on Wed 22nd December 2021.

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