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The 2020 COVID-19 Celebrity Death Cull Thread

WAN has a long and proud tradition of having several death cull threads on the go at once, and we'll only beat this virus if we isolate the infected from the healthy, so I propose that we quarantine coronavirus victims in their own thread.

I'll start with John Conway:

Published by Wrongfellow at 12:41am on Mon 13th April 2020. Viewed 1,214 times.
This topic has been edited, last edit at 12:41am on Mon 13th April 2020.

We probably ought to put Eddy Large and Tim Brooke-Taylor on this list.

Published by MissRegaling at 8:40am on Sat 25th April 2020.

Dave Green Stranglers pianist

Published by bigmal at 5:24am on Tue 5th May 2020.

Chuck Norris martial arts actor

Published by nuttyprof at 8:28am on Tue 19th May 2020.

Bobby Ball

Published by MissRegaling at 2:23pm on Sat 31st October 2020.

Sean Connery


Published by bigmal at 3:22pm on Sat 31st October 2020.

I don't think Mr Connery belongs on this list bigmal.

Published by MissRegaling at 11:18pm on Sat 31st October 2020.

whhhaaatsshhh that Moneypenny

Published by bigmal at 2:40pm on Sun 1st November 2020.

Peter Sutcliffe

Published by bigmal at 3:53am on Sun 15th November 2020.

Ray Clemence

Published by bigmal at 3:56am on Mon 16th November 2020.

Brother and Sister of Alan Sugar. Maybe siblings don't count

Published by daggg at 8:24pm on Thu 31st December 2020.

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