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WANer of the year 2019

I can’t be bothered with the full Wan awards this year. So out of the one and a half people who post here, who gets the 2019 award?

Published by Silent Rob at 1:54pm on Mon 2nd December 2019. Viewed 70 times.

WANer of the year 2008: Jude1
WANer of the year 2009: Silent Rob
WANer of the year 2010: Lord Lucan
WANer of the year 2011: Troll
WANer of the year 2012: John Techno
WANer of the year 2013: Arthur CRS
WANer of the year 2014: Bigmal
WANer of the year 2015: Wrongfellow
WANer of the year 2016: Joosypigeon
WANer of the year 2017: B-Bam
WANer of the year 2018: Missregaling

Published by Silent Rob at 1:54pm on Mon 2nd December 2019.

I nominate Ambrosini, our newest user, for possibly being the most optimistic person on the entire Internet.

Published by Wrongfellow at 11:50am on Tue 3rd December 2019.

Passing through to find some gig details from 2008-11 ..
Will probably extend my unbroken run of 10 years not voting in this.
(Still have a pile of WANpilations lurking in my house though I recently realised.)

Published by bad-timing at 5:16pm on Tue 3rd December 2019.

BT - this does feel incredibly pointless, but I thought I’d return to WAN to continue my 10+ year run of organising this poll. I feel fondness the days of 2005 when this site was busy, it was so useful for promotion and I made a number of friends through it that I still speak to today.

Wrongfellow - these days one vote can be enough to win. Especially since I tend to use my deciding vote to select someone who hasn’t won before in the event of a tie.

Published by Silent Rob at 4:06am on Wed 4th December 2019.

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