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Offered: English Conversation Lessons

Offered: free English Conversation lessons. CELTA qualified teacher with some experience but very out of practice. We can meet in cafes or at my home (first meeting to be in a cafe). 100% free, I don't know if many English learners read this site but could you please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. I can also work on grammar and pronunciation.


Thanks guys.

Published by Skellig at 1:30pm on Wed 31st July 2019. Viewed 505 times.

Hoots the noo, whits ra hoourley rate fannybaws?

Published by bigmal at 5:39pm on Thu 1st August 2019.

It's free. Free means free, no charge, no payment. I need to practice my English teaching skills.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Published by Skellig at 10:51am on Fri 2nd August 2019.

Sounds like Bigmal needs to practise his English too!

Published by Wrongfellow at 11:05am on Fri 2nd August 2019.

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