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WANTED: names/stories of old Cambridge shops

Hi everyone, someone I know is working on a book about Cambridge and they are including a chapter on shops/places which used to be notable locations but are now closed. Feel free to mention any locations you can think of with stories/background info in the comments of this post and I'll forward them to him. Background info which can't be found easily would be helpful as long as you know it is correct, but he said he will fact-check the book whilst writing it. Any places which used to exist in Cambridge - as recent or as old as possible (i.e. Blackbarn and Funky Funhouse are getting a mention, as well as the Kinema), as long as they were a notable part of Cambridge in your opinion (i.e. possibly the only music shop in town at one point, the first charity shop, first Chinese restaurant). Thanks

P.S. Pictures are welcome, but please mention if the pictures are your own or not. If you post your own pictures, I may ask if he can use them in his book but you have no obligation to say yes to this.

Published by Androgynouskazoo at 11:13pm on Wed 17th April 2019. Viewed 990 times.

Kinema old cinema Mill Rd - now fucking student accomadation.
the Durham Ox old pub Mill Rd now fuckin student accomadation.
The Grasshopper old pub Mill Rd now fucking stufent accomadation.

Published by bigmal at 10:45pm on Sat 20th April 2019.

Check this out Androgynouskazoo

Published by bigmal at 12:14am on Thu 2nd May 2019.

Also, the next Mill Road tour is on the 7th of May, tickets can be booked on

Plus you may want to check out

Published by bigmal at 12:20am on Thu 2nd May 2019.
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Big Mal: three attempts at 'accommodation' and all of them wrong...

Published by DeFrev at 9:32pm on Thu 16th May 2019.


Published by B-bam at 10:53pm on Thu 16th May 2019.


De Frev

Published by bigmal at 2:06am on Fri 17th May 2019.

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