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Local Not for Profit Community group is looking for a Garage or Lock-up to store raw materials, scenery, art, props and equipment. Would prefer something we could Buy but renting also possible if available on a long term basis. within 15 miles of Cambridge.

please email me at or text 07706 865 701

Published by gregsgreats at 11:48am on Thu 12th April 2018. Viewed 2,788 times.

There was a garage included in Cheffins' auction last month. It didn't sell, not sure whether that was due to no interest or reserve not met. Might be worth chasing up. It was located in Derwent Close.

Published by space_echo at 3:47pm on Thu 12th April 2018.

you can try storemates:

Published by tyres at 4:17pm on Tue 17th April 2018.

Cambridge City Council has plenty of garages for rent for a very reasonable price.
They are located throughout the city

Published by hawk2014 at 8:35pm on Wed 16th May 2018.

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