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Schools for Gentle/ AP parents

Does anyone have recommendations for primary schools in and around Cambridge that they would recommend for those who subscribe to gentle/ attachment/ respectful parenting styles? We have been very disappointed with our sons school (he's in Reception) despite it's village location, its Ofsted outstanding rating and being one of the top performing schools in Cambridgeshire (in terms of SAT results). We have found it very pushy, focused solely on ticking boxes and forcing children to reach, what we see as unrealistic targets. They never seem to praise or celebrate the child's individual achievements, effort and progress but focus on what they can't do. As the mother of a summer born boy this has been very frustrating and has had a visibly negative impact on our sons well-being, confidence, opinion of school and view of himself - which is understandably heartbreaking as a parent.

I realise the school system in the UK is very pressured and teachers and pupils are all under a lot of pressure to achieve certain quantifiable standards but I am sure some schools manage to get a better balance. We aren't focused on academic results alone, but on effort and steady progress - going at our child's pace. We want him to remain cheeky, funny, enthusiastic, curious and to continue to ask questions and explore. We love him getting dirty, spending time outside and learning from real world experiences. We are creative and music, drama and the arts are valuable in our opinion in terms of education. Sport is also something we are keen on.

I know it looks like a huge wish list but as I said a good balance and a caring environment where the school works in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children whilst nurturing their natural passion for learning, and encouraging intrinsic motivation (not simply chasing rewards) is integral to our belief system. Children spend a lot of time at school and are there for many years, so a positive and welcoming community is what we are searching for. We are moving so would like to focus on areas around schools that most closely fit with our family - and avoid any that clearly won't. Thanks in advance.

**I am in no way suggesting that our values and ideals are any better than anyone elses. Every parent does what they think is best for their children, with the options they have. Just looking for advice from those who can relate to what I am saying**

Published by Ronnie at 2:32pm on Wed 11th April 2018. Viewed 2,398 times.

Sadly this forum in not as active as it used to be a few years back, you can try posting on

you might have better success...

Published by tyres at 3:00pm on Wed 25th April 2018.

University of Cambridge Primary school is a very good one and I think it would tick many of your boxes.
Its effective catchment area for Sptember 2018 uptake was 3 miles radius :-) It is oversuscribed currently but it might be worthwile reaching out to the headmaster.

Published by hawk2014 at 8:42pm on Wed 16th May 2018.

Leaving the kid in reception means he/she won't learn a lot.
try moving the cherub to a classroom.

Published by Priority 23 at 4:22pm on Thu 17th May 2018.

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