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Has anyone here had a veggie/vegan burger that actually tastes quite meaty...? I've cut out red meat and trying to find an alternative that tastes like the real thing - so that meat-eating Mr R and I don't have to cook two different burgers for our tea.

Published by MissRegaling at 2:29pm on Sat 3rd March 2018. Viewed 2,217 times.

Veggie burgers never taste like the real thing, just similarish because the texture of veggie burgers are lighter and less fatty. Most vegetarians (myself included) find the fatty greasy texture of meat repulsive so we wouldn't want it to. Indeed a lot of vegetarians don't bother with the meat substitutes at all and prefer to cook our own meals which are more interesting. The veggie burgers are basically for when you visit a meat eating relative and don't want to put them out. Some of them are nice, but if you want a burger that tastes exactly like meat, you're never going to get it.

Published by Silent Rob at 5:18am on Sun 4th March 2018.

That said, the "Pulled pork" type veggie burgers are fairly meaty, as are the quorn "beef pieces". My other half won't eat them, because she says they are too similar to meat. The quorn pieces can taste very similar to chicken, when you marinate them to give them some flavour. But they will always be a poor substitute if you give it to a hardcore meat eater.

The best veggie burgers by far don't try to imitate real meat and are made of nice spicy vegetables.

Published by Silent Rob at 5:24am on Sun 4th March 2018.
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Can't stand te woman but Linda McCartney's burgers were very good.

Published by bigmal at 2:37pm on Sun 4th March 2018.

Thanks. I don't mind if they don't taste of meat, I was veggie for a few years but am not any more though I'm edging towards it again. But I'm trying to get Mr R to consider veggie options. I've tried the Linda Mc ones and I don't really like them. I've now found a chargrill veggie burger mix and have ordered some, will see what he makes of them.

Published by MissRegaling at 3:10pm on Sun 4th March 2018.

I once made a veggie spag bol and Mr had no idea there was no meat in it until he spotted the packet in the bin after we'd finished our meal. So there's hope.

Published by MissRegaling at 3:14pm on Sun 4th March 2018.

If you don't mind non meaty the quorn burgers are nice, I prefer them to Linda McCartney. There's a huge range now. The generic "burgers" or "southern grills" are a bit boring, but not too bad.

Published by Silent Rob at 3:58pm on Sun 4th March 2018.

The Linda M mozarella burgers are the closest I've had to the real deal.

Published by Free Will at 8:17am on Mon 5th March 2018.

So I tried these ones:
Mr R liked them, even though he knew they weren't meat, and I liked them too, but I think we can do better. So we're now on a quest to make some ourselves, so will see how that goes.

Published by MissRegaling at 11:09am on Thu 5th April 2018.

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