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Cable repair on a hedge trimmer

So on Sunday I was trimming the hedge with my hedge trimmer and had been merrily hedge trimming away for all of about four minutes when I boldly hedge trimmed my way through the hedge trimmer's electricity cable. It doesn't work so well any more.

Seems like a crying waste to throw it out and replace it, but even with a fairly clear instructional video on YouTube I wouldn't trust myself to repair it safely (I am, after all, the type of numbnuts who hedge trims through the electrical cable of his hedge trimmer while hedge trimming).

Does anyone know or can anyone think of a place that might be willing to have a go at repairing it for less than a replacement will cost me? (somewhere between 30 and 60 quid, I think).

Cunningly, the devious bastards have ensured that it is a moulded lead at both ends, presumably in a deliberate attempt to prevent people trying to get away with what I am trying to do and instead throwing it out and starting again, so it would need to be an electrical repair of the cable. If it was a plug-in cable at both ends so that you could treat the cable as a consumable, you could just replace that bit for a fiver or so when this sort of disaster befalls you, but then what would we keep the tip full of?

So far the only place that has occurred to me is the vacuum cleaner repair shop on Burleigh street. Any other ideas>

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 11:35am on Mon 5th February 2018. Viewed 2,417 times.


Published by bigmal at 11:51pm on Wed 7th February 2018.

Published by space_echo at 9:01am on Thu 8th February 2018.


Thank you for this. Insert a join at the break and the part you have suggested is exactly the advice I got from these fine people:

Who, it has to be said, have been absolutely awesome!

Sadly I can't make that Arbury one, otherwise they would have done it for me if I brought the trimmer and the part. As it is, I am going to give it a go myself and then go to the next one if (/when) I inevitable fuck it up.


Thanks all!

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 10:25am on Thu 8th February 2018.

Good luck!

One of these would help with the stripping...

Published by space_echo at 2:07pm on Thu 8th February 2018.

Thanks for that. I came damn close to buying one in Wilko at the weekend, but it was 7.50 and I was worried that the repair was in danger of becoming less cost-effective.

Anyway, long story short.

Reader, I fixed it.

Hope that puts at rest the mind of anyone who needed closure on this fine anecdote.

Cheers all!

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 1:19pm on Mon 12th February 2018.

I do this all the time and it's a piece of piss to fix, as you have since discovered :)

Published by B-bam at 12:02pm on Wed 21st February 2018.

Glad it is not just me!

More-or-less everyone I have spoken to about it has said they have done it at least once.

Still, I bet lots of them do get thrown away. Might set up at the tip fixing them...

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 12:24pm on Thu 22nd February 2018.

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