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2018 Book Thread


This one's first on my reading list this year. I wonder how many more novels' worth of unpublished short stories the guy has?

I'm still holding out hope for "The Winds Of Winter", too. Maybe it'll be my Christmas present to myself this year.

Published by Wrongfellow at 7:51pm on Mon 8th January 2018. Viewed 2,471 times.

Must get myself a copy of that.

Published by John Techno at 12:27am on Wed 10th January 2018.

I've finished it now. Want to borrow it?

I have a load more books that I'm fairly sure are yours, too.

Published by Wrongfellow at 12:20pm on Sat 27th January 2018.

reading Death Dealer ... The memoirs of Rudolf Hoess.

Brilliant book.

Published by bigmal at 1:42pm on Fri 6th April 2018.

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