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Bugger me, are you lot still here?

Inspired to make one of my occasional return visits to WAN by virtue of meeting (for the first time ever in real life) another WANer from the halcyon days, tonight. Got talking to a bloke at a social function who turned out to be Dr Rhythm, very active on here a few years back ( as was I). We reminisced about how all-consuming it used to be and how dangerous social media can be in terms of taking up your time etc and I remembered my own pledge to myself to keep away. Hi everyone.

Published by Nik Ayruk at 12:42am on Sun 22nd October 2017. Viewed 1,953 times.

This shows how long it is since I was here. I logged in inadvertently under my alter-ego, Nik Ayruk.

Published by Kuryakin at 12:45am on Sun 22nd October 2017.

Nobody's allowed to leave until "Name and Shame" has made it to ten years old.

Published by Wrongfellow at 1:02pm on Sun 22nd October 2017.

I am watching

Published by bigmal at 4:55pm on Sun 22nd October 2017.

I only visit to record recent deaths or review the name and shame thread these days. Lol!

Published by Silent Rob at 1:52pm on Mon 23rd October 2017.

WAN is thriving.

Published by John Techno at 10:26pm on Tue 24th October 2017.

That old yoghurt at the back of my fridge seems to be thriving, too.

Published by Wrongfellow at 12:32am on Wed 25th October 2017.


Published by pan-pan at 9:18am on Fri 27th October 2017.

We all float.

Published by General lee at 2:34pm on Mon 6th November 2017.

Fuck me General Lee, you still in a band bubba.

Published by bigmal at 9:42pm on Mon 6th November 2017.

I still frequent musical groups. sometimes i go out and play. but not often.

Published by General lee at 2:17pm on Tue 7th November 2017.

Blimey, I can remember my login!!

Published by Dr Rhythm at 12:23pm on Mon 13th November 2017.

Fuck me it's Doctor Rythm.

Published by bigmal at 5:05pm on Fri 17th November 2017.

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