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Traveller Bingo

Travellers have been all over the news recently, in an ongoing stream of articles like this one:

One thing that's rapidly becoming obvious is that when they're moved on from one site, they immediately appear at another one, almost as though they're somehow unable to just vanish into thin air and cease to exist. Odd, that.

So I propose dividing Cambridgeshire into a grid of squares and assigning a number to each. Then every participant in the game gets a bingo card and ticks off the numbers as the travellers pitch up. The winner gets... I dunno, a new driveway or something? ;)

Published by Wrongfellow at 2:11pm on Tue 3rd October 2017. Viewed 1,604 times.


Published by B-bam at 1:50pm on Wed 4th October 2017.

Interesting concept. It occurs to me that there's money to be made here, too: we go into partnership with the Travellers and set up a website offering a big cash prize to the first person to correctly predict their next location. They then let us know where they plan to be next week, but before they go there a few of them sell a bit of lucky white heather to a few locals, and we see to it that someone who purchased the heather wins the prize. After doing this a few times, word gets round that heather bought from Travellers really is lucky, so loads of people start buying it... split the money from increased heather sales 50/50 and we're all laughing.

Published by John Techno at 5:54pm on Wed 4th October 2017.

Trouble with this is that the travelling community isn't evenly spread around the county. Travellers who use transient sites tend to congregate around other travellers, and also near major transport links. This means that traveller populations are very high in south Cambs, reasonably high in Huntingdonshire, but low in Fenland and zero in Cambridge City. So whoever gets squares in South is laughing, anyone who gets one in Cambridge will never get picked.

Published by Silent Rob at 5:34am on Thu 5th October 2017.

Fairness was never really the aim here!

Published by John Techno at 9:39am on Fri 6th October 2017.

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