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New Co-Op

On Mitcham's Corner. Has anyone else been in there?

I just paid it a visit. God, it stinks. It's almost like something's crawled under the shelves and died.

Published by Wrongfellow at 3:31pm on Fri 14th July 2017. Viewed 1,821 times.

maybe it has.

Published by B-bam at 4:11pm on Fri 14th July 2017.

Is the other coop on Chesterton road still there? Are there's two Co ops, very close to each other? If so, do you think they are rivals, or close mates?

Published by Silent Rob at 5:47am on Sun 16th July 2017.

Yup. The new one's next door to the Portland, but the old one opposite the Rusty Spring is still there.

Close mates? I think that Co-Ops must be a bit like Japanese knotweed: they reproduce by spreading out stems just beneath the surface of the ground, and then growing roots and surfacing some distance away from the mother plant.

Published by Wrongfellow at 10:08am on Sun 16th July 2017.

better than fucking tescos imo.

Published by B-bam at 12:22am on Mon 17th July 2017.

Co Op sell good food,

Published by Priority 23 at 8:14am on Mon 17th July 2017.

Are u sure it wasn't your rotten intestines that smelled Wrongfellow ?

Published by hawk2014 at 12:05pm on Mon 17th July 2017.

I know it just goes to show that I need to stop reading the fucking Grauniad, but I really wish we had a Booth's in Cambridge.

Published by John Techno at 11:26pm on Tue 18th July 2017.

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