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looking for a room in Cambridge within the range of £400

Hello all,
I am looking to rent a room for 6 months in cambridge. I have been looking into brettward website but have not been able to find any reasonable accommodation in the range of £400.
I have had bad experience with gumtree - people asking for western union transfer even before showing the flat.

I cannot afford the agencies fees. Can you advise on how to get private lettings directly from owner ?

Published by eddyFUN at 12:44pm on Sat 17th December 2016. Viewed 2,729 times.

Brettward is the best place for this, just keep checking the site daily and you'll find something sooner or later.

Published by Free Will at 1:02pm on Sat 17th December 2016.

Published by B-bam at 1:51pm on Sun 18th December 2016.

According to the government a £1000 monthly rent is 'affordable'
What toilet.....

Published by Priority 23 at 12:45pm on Wed 11th January 2017.

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