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A plea for a ticket to the SFAs on Thursday!

Hi, long shot I know but was just wondering if anyone had a spare ticket for the Super Furry Animals gig at The Junction on Thursday.
Here's hoping!

Published by robbie_chuff at 10:51am on Mon 25th April 2016. Viewed 2,722 times.

I might be wrong but I think the Junction now run a "reserve list" in case of returns or late releases of extra tickets so that could be worth a try.

Published by space_echo at 7:30am on Tue 26th April 2016.

Thanks space_echo - you're right there is a reserve list and I've already put myself on it. Just looking at all options!

Published by robbie_chuff at 9:44am on Tue 26th April 2016.

i'm sure if you wait outside on the night you'll be able to get one from someone who can't make it.

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 9:33pm on Tue 26th April 2016.

I may well just do that Boudicea Bambaataa. Cheers!

Published by robbie_chuff at 9:18am on Wed 27th April 2016.

The Junction have just called and I have a ticket! Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

Published by robbie_chuff at 1:16pm on Wed 27th April 2016.

Good stuff, have fun!

Published by space_echo at 8:22am on Thu 28th April 2016.

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