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I really don't trust the family that run the place... Not only has the old lady blatently ripped me off- (7 satsumas for a quid, they only had 4 left and she still demanded £1)... The young guy that servs there is fine but for some reason every time I shop there with him serving it seems to be cheaper. The daughter served me today and when I challenged her she gave me back 70p.
Something about that whole setup is well dodgy.

Published by bigmal at 7:08pm on Sat 16th April 2016. Viewed 3,175 times.

Eek, I probably shouldn't mention then that the young guy in there sold me boxes of (approx 50) satsumas for less than £2. In fact, I've noticed pretty much all fruit n veg is cheaper there, except bananas (go to coop) or spring onions (t*sco).

Published by MissRegaling at 8:09pm on Sat 16th April 2016.

I've not been there for ages, but I always found the elderly lady absolutely lovely. Maybe maths is not her strong point?

Published by sam i at 11:16pm on Sat 16th April 2016.

I agree Sam.
Clearly as case for knitted alpacas to step in.....

Published by Priority 23 at 9:38am on Sun 17th April 2016.
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I used to love Hilary's, but I've not been there for ages. Must try and do a shop there next week.

Published by Silent Rob at 12:59pm on Sun 17th April 2016.

The old lady.... Something about her. She wears an expression that suggests she is going to die of starvation if tyou don't buy something out her shop - rthen rips you off when you do.

Published by bigmal at 6:34pm on Mon 18th April 2016.

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