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John Peel Day in Bury St Edmunds: Kate Jackson, Jon Hart, Seymour & Eleanor, Cathedrals & Cars...

John Peel Day gig at the Masons Arms in Bury St Edmunds Rock City tomorrow night (Thursday 25th October), free entry with donations to the John Peel Centre. Kate Jackson (from the Long Blondes) making a extremely rare acoustic-ish appearance doing some Peel-related covers. Did I mention it's free?

Thursday 25th October
John Peel Day @ Masons Arms, Bury St Edmunds

Featuring live sets from local musicians supported and inspired by John, including:
JON HART & ELLIE JAMISON from The Jon Hart Band
KATE JACKSON from The Kate Jackson Group / ex-Long Blondes
RICHARD PHILLIPS from The Kate Jackson Group / The Vitamins / ex-Secret Hairdresser
SEYMOUR QUIGLEY from Ten City Nation/ex-Miss Black America
ELEANOR LOU - singer/songwriter, ex-Blue Gandhi/Diastole
CATHEDRALS & CARS - fast-rising dark indie stars
SHANNON HOPE from Rats As Big As Dogs/ex-Glory Glory
ABBIE BROOM - singer/songwriter beloved of The Gaslight Anthem
MARCO & BLUE - uplifting acoustic melancholia

Donations will be taken for the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

FB event page:

Published by SonicMidwifeLondon at 12:11pm on Wed 24th October 2012. Viewed 1,833 times.

John Peel has been included in the Jimmy Saville scandal;

Other BBC colleagues, also now dead, such as the respected John Peel, are suspected of collusion.
Peel spoke openly about having sex with young girls, referring to it as a "perk" of being a DJ. There are claims there was a 'network' at the BBC for 'procuring' girls and women who remember being molested or raped are now queuing up to tell their stories.

Published by daggg at 12:31pm on Wed 24th October 2012.
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Grown ass men sleeping with 15 year old girls does seem to be the done thing in Bury SE.

Published by Rocket Dog at 6:01pm on Wed 24th October 2012.

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